Latest developments in the Russian military operation in Ukraine /10.04.2024/

Ukraine – The Russian military operation continues in Ukraine, as the Russian army thwarts attempts by Kiev forces to launch counterattacks, and advances on various axes, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy in equipment and lives.

  • Stoltenberg: Ukrainian strikes on Russian military targets are legal
  • Britain and Ukraine sign a new defense agreement
  • Stoltenberg: NATO fears that Russia will continue to advance in Ukraine
  • Finland admits that its reputation fell in the eyes of the Russians following joining NATO
  • Including one million rifle rounds… a list of a new German military aid package for Ukraine
  • Former commander of US forces in Europe: What America might lose is bigger than Ukraine
  • Russian Defense: Destruction of a warehouse containing 32 artillery and workshops for Ukrainian aircraft and drone boats
  • Including one million rifle rounds… a list of a new German military aid package for Ukraine
  • Former commander of US forces in Europe: What America might lose is bigger than Ukraine
  • Media: Norwegian and Swedish forces rent country houses owned by Russian officials during NATO maneuvers
  • Switzerland officially joins the “European Sky Shield” initiative
  • Washington’s former representative to NATO: Russia is the strongest military power and can destroy the United States if it wishes
  • “Al-Khaleej”: The European Union, Washington and Kiev suffered a new blow with the election of a “Russian ally” as president of Slovakia.
  • Peskov comments on Guterres’ statement regarding ending the conflict while preserving “Ukraine’s territorial integrity”
  • A Ukrainian agent in the custody of Russian security confesses regarding her preparation for a terrorist attack (video)
  • A European court removes two Russian businessmen from sanctions lists
  • French warnings once morest including Ukraine in the European component… madness and a mistake, similar to what happened with Türkiye
  • “Wall Street Journal”: American air strikes are not working well in Ukraine
  • US emergency sales to Ukraine worth $138 million to support Hawk missile systems
  • The Russian army destroys one of the most expensive and modern Western air defense systems in Ukraine
  • For the first time…the special military operation witnesses an attack on motorcycles (video)
  • Biden: The majority of the House of Representatives will support allocating aid to the Kiev regime
  • Russian Foreign Ministry: We will present to the International Court evidence that Ukrainian forces committed atrocities in Donbass
  • CNN: Washington is preparing to ban Russian Kaspersky Lab products and services
  • “New York Times”: Confiscation of Russian assets would cause severe harm to the United States
  • Ulyanov: Borrell encourages Ukrainian attacks by calling on Russia to withdraw its forces from Zaporozhye station
  • Antonov: The West is hiding something regarding the “Nord Stream” bombing
  • Zelensky: We invited Trump to visit Ukraine to find out his “quick way” to end the military conflict
  • Austria.. A former employee in a security service is accused of spying for Russia
  • Antonov: Washington is doing everything it can to stop Russian energy exports
  • Zelensky announces the existence of a plan for a new counterattack by Ukrainian forces
  • US Secretary of Defense: If I were Russia, I would not want Ukraine to join NATO
  • Biden intends to participate in the “peace conference” in Switzerland regarding Ukraine
  • The United States sends confiscated Iranian weapons and ammunition to Ukraine
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Source: RT

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