Leaked videos of the game “GTA6”

Some people shared about 90 leaked videos of the style and method of playing in “Grand Theft Auto 6” through the hashtag “GTA6” on Twitter, the social networking site, on Sunday.
In one of the widespread clips, a woman appeared shooting at the police in front of a store, and a man who turned out to be her boyfriend appeared to be walking around an apartment with her and it seemed that they were the heroes of the game.
Journalist Jason Schreyer confirmed that these leaks are true, and said that these leaks are taken from the early periods of the game’s development, as he mentioned that it is a terrifying nightmare for the game makers, while the game developer Rockstar did not comment on it.
In some of the widespread clips, it was found that when the pistol was pointed at the victim, many options appeared for the player, among which you could impose orders on him that he would fulfill for you, for example, stealing money, a car or the property of the victim, or controlling it at gunpoint and such.
It turns out that these leaks have no evidence that they are true, as the publisher and developer have not yet made any reaction towards this subject.
It is noteworthy that some circulating news indicates that the American “Rockstar” is currently devoting its work to the new part of the Grand Games series, and the game will be ready to launch in 2024 or 2025, according to journalist Tom Henderson’s sources.

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