“LeBron James has the best all-time career”

One more piece in the eternal debate LeBron James – Michael Jordan, we take for a Blue Monday right? It was Doc Rivers who gave his opinion today, following the match between Lakers and Sixers. If for him, Michael Jordan is the greatest, it is LeBron who would have the best career.

While qualifying the Doc, he knows very well that mentioning LeBron and Michael in the same sentence is like swinging a match in a puddle of gasoline on the basketball planet. After beating the Lakers following a failed finish from the Angelinos, the Philadelphia tactician put on form to talk regarding the exceptional performance of Bronbron, 38 years old on the identity card but no longer 23 or 24 in the game practiced. We are not going to talk more, here without waiting for the remarks made by Mr. Rivers.

“I think he will have the greatest career of all time. I think he already has it. And that’s not… I think Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time, but that doesn’t take anything away from LeBron. LeBron has the best career” – Doc Rivers

The approach is interesting. Of course Michael Jordan’s aura is untouchable, because he still embodies the NBA today. The man who allowed the league to explode internationally is him. Born winner, fiery temper, otherworldly statistics… We’re not going to redo his life, but of course he ticks all the boxes of what a “greatest player” in a league should be.

Still, to accomplish as much as LeBron James at 38 is nothing short of prodigious. Reminder of the King’s stats this season? 29.2 points, 8.9 rebounds and 6.4 assists, all on 50.7 percent shooting. At 38 years old. Just, the level of anything from this sentence. We add titles in three different franchises – Heat, Cavaliers, Lakers – and above all 364 points to become the NBA leading scorer all time. The debate is far from over between the two legends, but this declaration of Doc Rivers makes it possible to bring a form of nuance quite commendable.

Michael Jordan or LeBron James? For the Doc, it’s a bit of both. At the same time, he understood one thing this dear gentleman: both are monsters, both deserve recognition at the height of their legend.

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