Legislative in Senegal: in France, the battle of coalitions for the votes of the diaspora


The Benno Bokk Yakaar (left) and Yewwi Askan Wi-Wallu Senegal (right) coalitions campaigning in Mantes-la-Jolie © France24

The campaign for the Senegalese legislative officially started on July 10. The ballot, scheduled for July 31, will elect 15 deputies (out of 167 seats), including two representatives for France. In France, the two main coalitions in the running, Benno Bokk Yakaar and Yewwi Aski Wi-Wallu Senegal, are particularly active. Their objective: to mobilize and convince the 60,000 voters of the diaspora. Report in Mantes-la-Jolie where there is a strong Senegalese community.

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