Leo García left The hotel of the famous and Martín Salwe was strict with him: “He did not leave, we eliminated him little by little”

After be nominated by four peers in a “all against all” very controversial, Leo Garcia sneaked out of her bedroom The famous hotel and left reality foreverforcing production to look for a substitute.

The pressure of coexistence and an unexpected decision will cause a great stir in the hotel“, ad pampita at the beginning of the chapter. “Finally, Leo Garcia could not resist and left the hotelleaving his teammates totally surprised,” he added.

“Like I had threatened a couple of times, but no… Part of the threat I thought was part of the game,” he analyzed. Galvan Duck during breakfast, when everyone realized the disappearance of the singer.


I have to resist. I have to hold on to the limit. I will resist, standing tall in front of everyone”, he heard Leo say as he got out of his bed, fighting his will to leave the hotel, in his last minutes in it.

“I think this ending would be the best thing that happened to him because he was broken,” said Sabrina Carballo in a meeting with Jose Maria Muscari. “He himself said that he was with his worn emotionsthen it’s like it reached its limit very soon,” said Majo Martino.

“He talked a lot with Majo and me, and he told us that he thought that being a fighter and controversial he was going to succeed in this reality show, but I think he couldn’t sustain it,” he added. Silvina Moon. “Actually, Leo didn’t leave the group. He was bit by bit eliminated.”narrowed Martin Salwewho had had tense crosses with the musician, in an editing cut.

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