Liao Jun had a stroke and waited in the emergency room for 12hr. “Missing prime time” children complained about the inside story: Choose a hospital carefully | entertainment | CTWANT

Liao Jun had previously recuperated in the hospital for a period of time due to a stroke. (Photo/Taken from Liao Jun/Jinde Facebook)

The well-known director Ming Jincheng passed away suddenly from a myocardial infarction late at night on the 8th. Since he had just been upgraded to a dad last month, he now leaves behind a pair of twins and his wife, which makes the outside world very reluctant. In this regard, Liao Jinde, the son of veteran artist Liao Jun, felt it. He recalled that when Liao Jun had a stroke in the past, he waited in the emergency room of the hospital for 12 hours. From being able to walk on his own, to being unable to walk or even speak in the end, he was so angry. Exploded.

Liao Jinde posted on Facebook that the weather has been cold recently and many people have cardiovascular problems, but he specifically exhorted, “Some hospitals have to choose carefully.” He then mentioned that Liao Jun had listened to the advice of his friends and chose a neighboring hospital for treatment, but waited in the emergency room for more than 12 hours. , “From the beginning, I was able to walk on my own, but I couldn’t walk all the way, and I couldn’t express it in spoken language smoothly.”

Liao Jun waited in the emergency room for 12 hours. (Photo/Taken from Liao Jun/Jinde Facebook)
Liao Jun waited in the emergency room for 12 hours. (Photo/Taken from Liao Jun/Jinde Facebook)

Liao Jinde remembered that he was anxious at the time, and kept asking if the nursing staff could deal with it as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, the other party responded impatiently: “There is no doctor now! You are not the only ones waiting, everyone is waiting.” After speaking, he turned around and chatted with the other nurses. Until the middle of the night, he couldn’t bear it anymore and insisted on being transferred to another hospital. Unexpectedly, after the transfer, the result was unexpected to him. “With the emergency handling attitude that is far away, I feel that the whole world is moving, only I am still at a loss…” .

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Liao Jinde revealed that the nursing staff looked at the medical records and asked anxiously: “How can they (the former hospital) delay for so long! The prime time is over! ! “This makes him now useful to the four words “prime time”, which is particularly ironic. Finally, he once again emphasized that the usual problems of cardiovascular disease must not be ignored. When the weather is cold, when the results are accepted, in addition to maintaining a healthy posture and regular examinations, “The hospital really has to pick it. It’s hard to believe that there is such a big gap if you haven’t encountered it.”

In addition, Liao Jinde also added in the message, “I hope the relevant units can reflect on it. Could our so-called medical burden be caused by improper handling of the first window of each hospital?” The shortage of manpower is understandable, but if you can assist in dispatching to other hospitals and treat them as soon as possible, no one likes to be hospitalized, right? 」

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