Lightning and fiery events.. The Lebanese fortune-teller Laila Abdel Latif stuns everyone with frightening and unprecedented expectations.. This is what will happen during these days.

The famous Lebanese forecaster, Laila Abdel Latif, revealed, through her YouTube channel, a series of new predictions that will occur in the coming days.

On the level of Lebanon: Parliamentary elections will upset all expectations, statistics and results. The upcoming political scene will lead to a major and unprecedented change in faces and names, and we will witness the absence of big and prominent names from the political scene.

The fact that the parliamentary elections take place on time is a reality, but a prominent event will occur, and between this event and the election date, everyone will remain in a state of anticipation and caution, waiting for the right surprise.

Chaos in the North during the elections.

The army will be the last resort for all the Lebanese during the coming period, and it has a role in the elections and after the elections that we have not seen in the history of Lebanon.

The city of Beirut will soon witness a very big surprise that will turn into a shock that will stir up the press and public opinion, especially the people of the city.

We will see a Lebanese political figure on the media as she announces her withdrawal or her retirement from political work once and for all.

Details of a secret plan or deal related to the parliamentary elections that took place between two personalities who were at odds, will appear in public. The details of this deal will come out of the Lebanese region of Jbeil.

The dollar will reach 50 thousand and above

Saudi Arabia will not abandon Lebanon and the Kingdom will record a strong presence in it.

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states will join some European countries in supporting Lebanon economically, financially and politically.

French President Emmanuel Macron will be present in Lebanon to assist in several reform and economic files.

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Arab and International:

The United States will face several shocking security or economic events, or through a setback that is more like a real disaster, such as an earthquake or hurricane that hits a vast area affecting several states, and it will be considered the largest disaster in American history.

The Russian-Ukrainian war continues, and we will witness through it many shocking developments and surprises, and the scope of this war will expand to European and non-European countries, and Britain and China are at the center of this event during the next stage.

The emergence of a severe global economic crisis in the coming months.

The disaster and tragedy of the Japanese city of Hiroshima will be repeated in a foreign country, and it will be one of the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Famine will sweep the planet in the coming years.

A new virus appears in Germany and puts the world on high alert.

She concluded her predictions that the world will face the most dangerous stage in human history in the coming years, especially in the Arab countries.

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