Ligue 1 | Henry:McBabi staying in France will help defend the World Cup Nima was abandoned by PSG and passed by Real Madrid (22:20) – 20220525 – Sports – Instant News

Kylian McBaby was rumored to switch to Real Madrid this summer, but unexpectedly chose to stay at PSG. Henry said: “His decision this time made all the French happy, and if you want to be successful, you can’t let him go because you can’t find the same players in the world today. He’s an inspiration for France to defend their World Cup title and Increase the chances of the French club winning the European competition.” Binschma, who wants to cooperate with McBaby at Real Madrid, said he was not angry at the French teammate’s refusal to vote. It is about everyone’s right to decide their own future. When asked about his whereabouts, Real Madrid midfielder Modili laughed and said that he would not be like McBambi, as if he had betrayed Real Madrid. I hope Real Madrid don’t do the same to me.”

According to a report from L’Equipe, PSG will give up Nima and will listen to offers for the other side. Real Madrid, who lost McBaby, has turned to the Brazilian striker, but Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool should not be interested in signing him. . Barcelona president Napuda insisted that only in the case of a free transfer, Nima and another PSG striker Metz will have the opportunity to return to their nests. In addition, the 60-year-old male coach of the PSG women’s team, Nigall, has been suspended. It is reported that the Versailles police are involved in the investigation. The incident is related to the team’s pre-season warm-up game in the United States last year. Someone made inappropriate behavior to a female player on the team. .

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