LINE Official Blog: New Functions and Updates for the Computer Version

2023-07-06 03:33:00

(Picture / Recap of LINE official blog) LINE announced today (6) that it has added 3 new functions to the computer version, which can quickly block and report invitations from unfamiliar groups, optimize the personal file interface of the computer version, and add chat quick menu. Invitations to fraudulent groups that have frequently appeared in recent years, users will be able to block and report them with one click! In the past, it was divided into two steps. In the future, following clicking “Block”, the report screen will pop up, allowing the user to choose whether to report or not, so as to speed up the official clean-up of illegal accounts! Please continue reading… If you want to send a message or make a phone call with a specific user in the group, you need to click on the avatar before. Now following the update, you only need to slide the mouse cursor over and the “Quick Menu” will pop up , you can start chatting, calling or video chatting with one click. After the update, the “Personal Cover” of the LINE computer version will be changed to a full-page display, supporting video cover and background music playback, and will also display friends’ birthday information. (Picture/review of LINE official blog) To experience the above new features, you need to update to LINE 8.0 version. The current Windows version has been launched on June 29, and the Mac version will also be launched on July 3. If LINE is not automatically updated, users can check the latest version in “Settings” – “About LINE”. “You may also want to watch” Did you find it?The mobile version of LINE App Chat and adjust the order of stickers “1 step” Get started No need to draw or rush Now use the APP to watch the news to guarantee winning prizes every day I download the APP Follow me to see the activity method

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