Locket, the photo sharing widget that’s making the buzz on iPhone

With free Wordle game, Locket Widget is the most talked about mobile novelty at the beginning of the year.

Finally a useful widget?

Since their appearance on iOS 14, widgets for iPhone (and iPad) have changed little. Most, limited by Apple, only display content that cannot be interacted with without opening the linked application.

Never mind, a developer, who designed his app for his girlfriend, decided to make widgets useful. Or at least pleasant to look at. Indeed, Locket is a widget that allows you to display photos sent by your close friends.

From the application, the sender takes a photo and chooses a recipient (up to five contacts). Once sent, the photo appears immediately on the recipient’s iPhone. It’s very simple, but Matthew Moss’ idea is terribly effective.

The proof on TikTok, where the video published by the developer seduces users. Locket Widget is available here. The app is free.

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