Lolita filmed how she dine with her daughter barbecue and potatoes

The singer was not afraid to show herself without makeup. She spends time with the heiress, with whom she recently reunited.

Lolita Milyavskaya. Photo: social networks of the star

Lolita Milyavskaya is a popular singer. At one time, she performed in a duet with Alexander Tsekalo, but her solo career was also a success. Only in her personal life did the artist find it difficult to find happiness.

In 2020, she divorced her fifth husband after 10 years of relationship. But a year later, the singer admitted that she had novels and she was happy with what she had. In recent months, she was worried about relatives who were in Ukraine. But her mother and daughter were helped go to Russia.

Milyavskaya expressed special gratitude to those who help refugees and helped her relatives. Gradually, she helped her mother start going out again, and her 23-year-old daughter Eva is studying online.

On May 12, the singer shared touching footage. She spends time with her family in a country house. Lolita appeared without makeup. She was captured with her daughter at the table, eating barbecue and potatoes. At the same time, birds were singing outside the window.

“For the sake of such moments, you need and want to live,” said the star.

Fans admired not only how the 58-year-old actress looks. Many showered compliments on her grown-up heiress. “You have an angel next to you”, “And how do the birds sing? Oh! Lyapota, “” Such a girl! Eyes, like a mother’s, smart”, “How touching and super cool you are”, “It’s definitely inspiring”, “How simple, your own and sincere you are”, “Well, it moved me to tears,” subscribers commented on the post.

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