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Comics are made up of small curiosities, many albums have marked the media by their singularities, whether by their absence of a speech bubble or their graphics breaking the codes.

Earthworm by Mathieu Sapin and Patrick Pion is somewhat in this vein, a drawn extraterrestrial that takes us alongside characters as fascinating as they are poetic.

The story in two words:

On a green country road, a car arrives with a bang at the only gas station attendant in the area. The toad inspector teaches the little field mouse who takes over that a dangerous malefactor is in the area and that he is looking for him. The frightened field mouse joins the detective as the car drives away, a mysterious mute creature watches them…

The scenario :

The volume is divided into two parts: we will follow in parallel the leaping investigation of the batrachian and his friend field mouse and the evolution of a mute creature. It goes without saying that both parts are fun, the first is a real adventure with its sometimes surprising twists and colorful characters that we take pleasure in discovering.

This investigation is only a pretext to follow gossipy protagonists who bring a lot of life and rhythm to the album. They are pleasant to discover and the screenwriter has been able to incorporate a good-natured humor which brings a lot to the story. However, the real strength of the album is undoubtedly this little mute creature that makes us go through all the emotions, its silence gives a real breath to the album while allowing readers to make the most of its adventures.

Following his adventure leaves an impression of being out of time and does not affect the rhythm or the narration of the volume, the reader is almost impatient to find this ode to contemplation.

The drawing :

The volume is a graphic marvel thanks in particular to the plates of the creature which turns out to be like a moment out of time, it exudes a rare poetry and it transports us through the peregrinations of this little being who takes us through all the emotions. And the least we can say is that this little creature overwhelms us, it makes us discover with authenticity its wonder, its discoveries, its fears and its evolution.

The designer managed to give a lot of sincerity in the transcription of the feelings of his little character, especially with the superb box on the cliff where we perceive his naive joy in front of the natural spectacle in front of him.

The care given to the decor and the representation of nature is a delight for the eyes as the album is full of beautiful boxes, and some full boards show both the beauty of the fauna, but also all its dangerousness.

The passages with the toad are not outdone however, but have a little less impact. Yet they serve the story wonderfully with more nervous plates that give the story its full meaning.

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Earthworm is a marvelous comic, it transports us to an epic and poetic double adventure that will hit the mark with any reader. It is almost sad to know that it is a unique volume as this little character marks us over the pages.


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