Love is breathed! Sebastián Caicedo would have a new partner and even a stepson

To the actor and businessman Sebastián Caicedo he was seen very loving with Juliana Diez in a summit of Christian leaders that took place last November, proof of this is a photograph in which they are both hugging and smiling.

But this would not be the only proof of the nascent love that is brewing between Diez and Caicedo, since it is also common see that in Juliana’s publications Caicedo’s comments with hearts and fireworks.

Diez’s latest post on Instagram is a photograph in which he carries his son on a beach. “You are my treasure. Being your mom and teaching you about God’s love in your life, it will be the greatest legacy and inheritance that I will be able to leave you”, published the woman accompanying the photograph. To which Caicedo commented with a heart and Juliana replied that she had captured a “beautiful moment”.

Juliana Diez is known on social networks for being the co-founder and CEO of the Navissi clothing brandwhich has stores in different cities of the country such as: Medellín, Bogota, Barranquilla and Cali.

In his social media posts, who would be Caicedo’s new sentimental partner is also a believer in God, he frequently publishes phrases that manifest his faith. “Only through the love of God is there freedom”, reads the profile woman’s Instagram.

This is the second woman with whom Sebastián Caicedo has been seen after actress Carmen Villalobos confirmed the official break with him for the month of July. “We made the decision to separate after 13 years of relationshipand after talking about it and meditating on it a lot, we understood that it is time to take different paths, ”Villalobos said when announcing the breakup of their relationship.

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