“Love Ride Accident in Zurich: Motorcyclist Seriously Injured, Four People Hurt”

2023-05-07 11:44:34

A serious traffic accident occurred in the Zurich municipality of Wangen-Brüttisellen shortly after eleven o’clock on Sunday. As a news scout reports, a car crashed into a motorbike with a sidecar. The Love Ride is currently taking place in the region. This is the largest charity event in the Swiss biker scene.

According to a news scout, the accident happened right in front of his house. A large contingent of rescue workers can be seen on his recording. A helicopter also landed at the scene of the accident.

The Zurich cantonal police confirmed the accident on request of 20 minutes. Several patrols were deployed. “In connection with the exit to the Love Ride, there was a collision between a motorbike with a sidecar and a car that turned into the street at 11.15 a.m.,” says Florian Frei, media spokesman for the Zurich cantonal police. The exact cause of the accident is still being clarified.

Four people were injured in the accident. According to Frei, the motorcyclist (54) was seriously injured – he had to be flown to the hospital with Rega. The driver (68) and the two people in the sidecar of the motorbike escaped with minor injuries, and they were also taken to a hospital.

Zürichstrasse had to be closed for around two hours. The Verkehrskadetten Zürich Oberland were responsible for traffic control.

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