“Love Rival Doctor Sentenced to 10 Years for Attempted Murder with Insulin Syringe”

2023-05-25 13:26:00

What the latter did not accept. So much so that she had burst into her love rival’s house, after stealing the keys to the house from the music teacher. When she arrived, she had in her hands an insulin syringe and a rag full of ether.

According to the prosecutor, the doctor wanted to kill her love rival, but she defended herself: “I was holding the fabric with ether and the syringe and I wanted to convince her to talk.”

“I couldn’t accept his ‘no’ and I stuck with it. I had given myself the idea that I needed to talk to him to make him understand that I had no bad intentions. I I made the mistake of driving several times to her house and standing in her street”, justified the doctor.

His version did not convince the court, which awarded him a 10-year prison sentence.

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