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Lydia de Vega..

Just the name is beautiful

I grew up in time when the SEA Games were still feverish.

Every breath of a sports lover or even someone who is indifferent to sports still stops for it.

SEA Games in the old days It’s very different from today. as different as the sky and the abyss in terms of the alertness that people have

Of course.. time passes, the world spins forward. change will come

Today’s SEA Games may not be all that mesmerizing. look forward or breathing in and out as it was in the past If for those who have experienced its glorious time SEA Games is a beautiful memory.

It’s like a classic sepia-colored picture. Save the days that only we understand

I tell myself that we are lucky to have grown up in the SEA Games Fever era. Win gold medals every day with high emotions.

Every coin is the dignity of the nation.

rejoiced with many gold medal heroes have been traumatized and suffered quite a bit of defeat

Photo: ernie sarmiento

My name is Lydia de Vega.. I remember it very much because she was both beautiful and talented, like the whirlwind queen from Tagalog.

The 13th SEA Games in Bangkok, Supachalasai Stadium is full of smiles. Thai football hit Indonesia 7-0 in the semi-finals, beating Singapore 2-0 in the final, athletics, whirlwind, Thai girls sweep both 100 meters from Wanpha Tangjitnusorn and 200 meters from Ratjai Sriphet, but another two years Give back to Jakarta Thai football lost to Malaysia in the playoffs, while running in the 100, 200 meters woman Ratjai lost to De Vega in both distances.

De Vega, like an angel of the industry, is beautiful, tall and slender, just by appearance, is the dream woman of many men and is also good at sports, unparalleled. Her talent far exceeds the ASEAN region because of the Asian Games gold medal.

100m gold at the 1982 New Delhi Asian Games.. 100m gold and silver 200m at the 1986 Seoul Asian Games.

Four golds, three silvers, three bronzes from 5 Asian Athletics Championships

9 gold 1 silver in the SEA Games.. 1981, down 400 meters, won gold.. 1987, long jump is still gold Not to mention things like 100 and 200 meters.

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There are many stars of the SEA Games, both men and women, both Thai and neighboring ASEAN countries.

Piyapong Phewon, Sumeth Promma Bancha Suphanrot Wanchai Phongsri Wirus Na Nongkhai Theerat Phopanich Somchai Ongkasing Sornsawan Phuwijit Ladawan Munsat Sathorn, etc.

Fandi Ahmad, Dollar Salleh, Eddie Kurniawan, Richard Sam Beira, Eric Buhen, Yayuk Basuki, Suzy Suzanti, Nou. Rul Huda Abdullah, Akiko Thomson, Josselin You, etc.

Of course, Lydia de Vega is definitely one of the stars in the SEA Games as well.

On the day when the blood of teenagers is still spraying all over the body, cheering Thai, cursing other national competitors To the point of frustration and frustration for days if our athletes are the losers. But when he grows up, he gets to see and understand more. Athletes of all nations are competitors only on the stage, losing today, winning the next day, knowing the sportsmanship.

We’re good, he’s good, he’s good, we’re good. Congratulations to the winners. Encourage the loser to make our hearts more cheerful.

at some point I no longer look at the competitors of Thai athletes as opponents. If it’s full of admiration

Lydia de Vega, Queen of the Whirlwind of the Philippines Whirlwind Queen of ASEAN Whirlwind Queen of Asia I remembered her once more.

Time goes by so fast. And the fresh and beautiful flowers that I once admired were blown away from the pole to another person.

some are gone forever Some left too quickly.

Only a few imprints remain of memories, they may fade a bit, but they never fade away..

dong quai

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