Lyon vs Monaco: Live Updates and Highlights

2023-12-15 20:45:48

Henrique is warned

The Lyonnais does not escape the yellow card, for a foul on Diop.

Precious Lopes

The Lyon goalkeeper succeeds in his aerial exit and grabs a few more seconds before clearing.

The whistles sound

Lopes logically takes his time before clearing.

There will be additional time…

…and even six minutes, minimum!

Lyon close to the break!

In the box, Maitland-Niles throws himself. His right strike is countered by Salisu!

Last change in Monaco

Ouattara enters in place of Jakobs.

Monaco does not give up

The Monegasques try to bring danger, with a free kick.

This goal is well validated!

The doubt lasted a few seconds, but the goal was validated!

It’s a huge coaching win for Sage, with this goal where three starters are involved!

Lyon finds the fault (0-1)!!!!

Found on the right by Kadewere, Maitland-Niles, on the right, in the area, finds Jeffinho behind. The Brazilian finds the fault, right! Amazing!

It’s even a double change for Lyon

Lacazette and Nuamah come out. The entrants are Jeffinho and Kadewere.

Lacazette can’t take it anymore

The Lyonnais is sitting on the lawn. We demand change.

Salisu is also above

Salisu takes his chance, from the left and from afar. It’s above.

The Lyonnais resist

Diop, on the left, near the surface, is blocked. The Lyonnais are holding on, for the moment.

Nuamah tries a shot on his right side

The Lyonnais tries to show off his speed, but he falls on Singo, also fast.

Offensive reinforcement for Monaco

Ben Yedder comes into play, in place of Akliouche.

Fofana was alone!

This corner is taken from right to left. Fofana, completely alone at the near post, attempts a header, but it is too uncrossed and his ball goes wide!

Monaco insists in front

Monaco even gets a corner, thanks to Singo.

Fofana is blocked

From a distance, Fofana triggers a new attempt, from the left, but it is blocked by Lovren.

We don’t take any risks

For Lyon, Tagliafico is replaced by Henrique.

Tagliafico is on the ground

The referee stops the game and the trainers are called.

Place for Lyon coaching

Cherki and Tolisso come out. Diawara and Maitland-Niles enter.

Little break in this match

It’s time for a refreshing break, as changes are brewing.

Jakobs still doesn’t fit

After the corner, Jakobs, from a distance, strikes with the left, but it is above.

Another parade of Lopes!

After a free kick, Fofana, in the area, strikes with the left. His ball arrives for Balogun, off-center on the right, who insists, but Lopes intervenes! Corner for Monaco.

Another Monegasque strike!

In the area, Balogun hits hard, from the right, to the near post. His ball narrowly misses.

Mata wins her duel

The referee believes that the ball was touched by Jakobs. Lyon will be able to free themselves, with a goal kick.

The referee let play

A Mata foul had not been called on Minamino. It is then that of Lovren which is.

Camara is also nearby

From afar, Camara takes his chance from the right. But that’s way off the mark.

Fofana doesn’t fit!

In the area, Minamino strikes from the left, but it is blocked by O’Brien. Fofana insists, with the right, but it’s too crossed and it goes sideways!

Lyon scores a shot!

From afar, Lacazette hits from the right, but it is caught by Kohn. This is Lyon’s first shot on target in this meeting.

The Monegasque attack stopped

After the corner, Akliouche is flagged in an offside position, on the left side.

Mata is watching

After a cross from Diatta from the right, Mata, just in front of Jakobs, takes no risks and concedes a corner.

The post saves the Lyonnais!

From afar, Camara strikes from the right, but his ball hits the outside of Lopes’ left post!

Jakobs misses himself

After the corner, Jakobs, from a distance, takes his chance from the left, but it is wide.

Minamino’s missile

At the edge of the area, Minamino strikes from the right. O’Brien blocks it and concedes a corner.

Lyon goes on the counter

Served by Caqueret, Cherki tries to find Lacazette in the middle, at the entrance to the area. He is beaten by the opposing defense, which concedes a corner.

No change at break

We left with the same 22 actors.

Here we go for the second half!

The kick-off was given and Lyon started.

It’s halftime!

At the end of the first 45 minutes of play, Monaco and Lyon are still tied (0-0).

Lyon has the ball

But the Lyonnais are really struggling to be dangerous.

It still doesn’t work for Lyon

On the right, Lyon obtains two new good situations. But the ball is quickly lost!

Akliouche shows up!

At the entrance to the area, Akliouche manages to strike from the left, but Lopes quickly dives to the ground, to his right, and sends the ball for a corner!

Monaco 2-0 Lyon

It’s not the score, but the number of shots on target.

Balogun’s head!

After a cross from the left, Balogun, in the area, attempts a header, but it goes over.

Lopes’ tap dance!

Akliouche addresses a withdrawn cross. For Balogun, in the area, who strikes from the left, but Lopes flies away and concedes a corner, with a tap!

Everything is in order

Monaco can move forward.

It’s hot between Camara and Lacazette

The Lyon captain comes to defend Nuamah, who attempted a roulette in front of Fofana, before ending up on the ground.

Big tackle from Diatta

Tagliafico has difficulty recovering, on his side. He gets a touch.

Monaco 3-2 Lyon

This is the record in terms of shootings, for the moment.

Yellow everywhere

On his side, Mata is booked for a foul on Jakobs.

Mata is not more successful

Mata takes charge of the free kick which follows full axis. His right shot goes over.

Singo is warned

Singo received the first yellow of this game, for a foul on Nuamah, who was heading towards goal.

Obstruction by Mr. Buquet!

Lacazette goes on the attack, surrounded by three Monegasques. He serves Cherki, on his left. The Lyonnais is embarrassed by the referee, but Monaco goes on the attack once more.

The flag rises late

On the right, Balogun sends a cross to the far post. Mata is ahead of Jakobs. Balogun was offside initially.

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It’s time to focus on possession of the ball

It is largely in favor of Monaco (62% once morest 38% for Lyon).

Small bridge over the referee

We therefore leave with a ball on the ground, in favor of Monaco.

We insist on the right side of Lyon

Tolisso tries to find Mata, but he finds an opponent instead.

A free kick that achieves nothing

Akliouche takes care of this free kick. His ball arrives in the area. For Singo, who sees his head go over.

Monaco tries to react

The Monegasques get a free kick, eccentric on the left side.

Cherki is searched in depth

The Lyonnais is ahead of Singo. The referee then returns to a foul on Lacazette.

Nuamah’s goal is cancelled!

Cherki, left side, sends a cross into the area. For Nuamah who then manages to score, following eliminating Kohn! But he was offside!

It’s hot on the Lyon goal!

On the left, in the area, Balogun strikes from the left from a tight angle, but Lopes intervenes, for a decisive first save! Behind, Diatta insists, with a flat foot, but he is countered by Tagliafico.

Nuamah does not fit

Nuamah takes a very well placed free kick, slightly to the right, on the edge of the area. His left shot goes just above.

What an intervention from Singo!

Found in depth, Nuamah overflows to the right. Before sending a cross into the area. Singo, with an acrobatic gesture, takes the ball away from Cherki, who was right behind him.

Monaco is well in place

The Monegasques are well in place, facing the Lyonnais who are not really able to find space at the moment.

Nuamah acts up

On the right, Nuamah makes Salisu dizzy, in the area. Zakaria finally comes to put things in order.

Mata already requested

On the right, Mata, in the penalty area, manages to cross from behind. He does not find a partner, but Fofana.

First Monegasque attack

The Lyon defense is already in demand, but it is coping, like O’Brien.

Here we go for the first period!

The kick-off was given and Monaco started.

A match for Lacazette?

Since the start of this Ligue 1 season, Monaco’s top scorer is French striker Wissam Ben Yedder (33), author of six goals but who starts this match on the substitutes’ bench. On the Lyon side, it is the French striker Alexandre Lacazette (32 years old), with six goals and who holds the captain’s armband.

Lyon, a red zone to leave

For its part, Lyon (two victories, four draws, nine defeats) is bottom (but sixteenth away) with ten points, the third worst attack, tied with Strasbourg and Toulouse (fourteen goals scored) and the second worst defense (27 goals conceded). A victory and the club would temporarily leave the red zone.

Monaco, second place to seek

In the Ligue 1 standings, Monaco (nine wins, three draws, three defeats) is third (but second at home) with 30 points, the second best attack (31 goals scored) and 20 goals conceded. A victory and the club would temporarily move to second.

Lyon, the taste for travel to be rediscovered

This season, Lyon have only won twice, in Ligue 1. Once at home. But also once outside. It was last November 12, on the Rennes pitch (0-1). Away, in the elite, this season, the club has also recorded a draw and also and above all five defeats, including two in its last two away games.

Lyon, a cycle to begin

Last Sunday, in Ligue 1, Lyon won once morest Toulouse (3-0). A victory, the second this season, which ended a series of three consecutive defeats.

Monaco, a lair to preserve

This season, Monaco have only lost one Ligue 1 match at home. It was last September 22, once morest Nice (0-1). The rest of his record, in his den and in the elite this season, is six victories including four in his last four receptions.

Monaco, a series to continue

Monaco have lost only one of their last five Ligue 1 matches. It was last November 24, on the pitch of PSG (5-2). For also a draw but also and above all three victories, including two in his last two outings.

A match for Lyon?

The last confrontation between the two teams dates back to May 19. On the 36th day of Ligue 1, Lyon beat Monaco (3-1)thanks to goals from French striker Alexandre Lacazette (38th), French midfielder Maxence Caqueret (57th) and French striker Rayan Cherki (78th) on one side, once morest an achievement by the French striker Wissam Ben Yedder from the penalty spot (2nd) on the other.

Ruddy Buquet on whistle

At the Stade Louis-II in Monaco, the referee of the match will be Ruddy Buquet.

The eleven of Monaco

Köhn – Diatta, Singo, Salisu, Jacobs – Zakaria, Fofana – Minamino, Camara, Akliouche – Balogun

The Lyon team fell

Same system as once morest Toulouse

Lopes – Caleta-Car, Lovren, O’Brien – Mata, Tolisso – Caqueret, Tagliafico – Cherki – Nuamah, Lacazette

OL: Sage does without several players

Paul Akouokou, Skelly Alvero, Mama Baldé and Sinaly Diomandé were not called up by Pierre Sage for this trip.

Johann Lepenant and Rémy Riou are injured.

Hello everyone !

After its 3-0 inflicted on Toulouse last weekend, Lyon wants to continue and temporarily leave last place in the ranking. Les Gones travel to Monaco this Friday (9 p.m.), 3rd in the championship, for the 16th day of Ligue 1. Follow live commentary on the RMC Sport website and application.

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