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Why did Madonna (64), who appeared as a presenter at the 65th Grammy Awards ceremony, become a buzz on SNS?

The 65th Grammy Awards ceremony held on February 5, 2023 (local time). Female artists such as Beyoncé (41), who has won the most awards this time, and Kim Petras (30), who won the award for the first time as a transgender woman, stood out, but there is one more thing that should not be forgotten. Madonna (64), who served as a presenter.

Madonna takes the stage to introduce Kim and Sam Smith’s 30-year-old collaboration, “Unholy.” She gave a speech in a chic 1997 Mugler ensemble, but it was Madonna’s face that caught the audience’s attention.

Photo: AP/Aflo

Viewers pointed out that she looks nothing like the old Madonna, such as a wrinkle-free face, thick lips, and thin eyebrows like a single line. On social media, she was flooded with comments such as, “Do you look like Madonna?”

Image of Madonna's face at the Grammy Awards ceremony_2

Photo: REX/Aflo

The turmoil surrounding Madonna’s plastic surgery is nothing new, and it is not uncommon for videos posted on her official SNS to receive comments asking her to verify her identity.

Madonna, who finished the stage once more this time, posted a reel of costumes and makeup on her Instagram, but there were heartless comments such as “Who are you?” But the way Madonna walks towards her camera, slapping the whip in her hand, is it a sign that no matter what you say, it won’t falter?

Speaking of such Madonna, she just announced the holding of “The Celebration Tour” to commemorate her 40th anniversary in January this year. As a talented artist who has won the Grammy Award seven times in the past, I am looking forward to seeing what kind of stage he will present.

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