Man Pretended To Be US Military To Delude And Scam Women In Their 70s And 80s | World

The subject admitted to having committed this crime and will receive his sentence at trial, scheduled for April 25 of this year.

A new scam story broke in Texas, USA. A 52-year-old man, identified as Folayemi Alabipretended to belong to the American Army to delude different women between 70 and 80 years old, through the Internet, to steal large amounts of money in 11 states, such as North Carolina, California, Arizona, South Dakota, Texas, Rhode Island , Idaho, etc

According to the authorities of the Justice Department of the country, the subject managed to steal 1.6 million dollars from the women, whose main characteristics were being widows or divorced.

“The conspirator feigned a personal and romantic interest in his victims. He convinced them to send them substantial sums of money, usually in the form of bank checks or cash,” he explained.

When they accepted, Alabi would immediately send them various bank accounts for the deposits. The most frequent excuse for his modus operandi was that “he needed to finance the shipment of his belongings to the United States”the authorities added.

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One of the aggrieved, who had already been convinced to deposit the amount of $60,000 to Full Circle Import Exportsa company created by Folayemi Alabi for this operation, was the key to stopping the scams.

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