Management & Social Sciences – Issue 2022/1 – No. 32 – Risk, crisis and managerial postures

2021-12-31 23:00:00
Page 3 to 4: Zahir Yanat – Editorial | Page 5 to 22: Dominique Phanuel and Marc-André Vilette – Strategic vision and roles of middle managers: the case of members of a coordination committee | Page 23 to 38: Philippe Boistel and Yann Tournesac – The risk approach by managers and directors: an exploratory study | Page 39 to 52: Victor Combes – Post-pandemic management? Exploratory study of the impact of a learning system on managerial postures in full confinement | Page 53 to 64: Caroline Diard, Virginie Hachard and Dimitri Laroutis – Teleworking and the COVID 19 crisis: an unequal mode of organization? | Page 65 to 78: Adel Aloui and Dominique Baruel Bencherqui – Limiting risk in educational innovation: presentation of the IDEA model | Page 79 to 95: Kouakou Emmanuel Zogbasse, Jimmy Feige and Jean-Paul Méreaux – Socialization of independent sellers of a group specializing in health in Ivory Coast | Page 96 to 107: Julien Billion, Olivier Fournout, Christelle Quero and Rey Dang – “Already 2 years on my account”. Story of a young homeless dreamer and entrepreneur | Page 108 to 123: Delphine van Hoorebeke, Pierre Piré-Lechalard and Stéphane Renaud – Remuneration of decision-makers, a factor of responsible behavior, an effect in times of crisis?
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