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Nadia Ferreyra was one of the main attractions in the impressive fashion show organized by the Venezuelan model Shannon de Limain an event that, among other things, would bring together for the first time the ex-wife and Salsa singer Marc Anthony’s fiancée.

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And it is that, as it is remembered, the relationship between the salsero and the Miss Paraguay is one of the most popular at the moment, showing itself to be very solid and with a view to get married in the next few months.

It was like that Alejandro Speitzer’s current girlfriend summoned Nadia Ferreira to join Miami Fashion Week, an invitation that the model and tennis fan did not hesitate to accept.

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Marc Anthony attended the event to accompany Nadia Ferreira (Photo: Nadia Ferreira / Instagram)


The Paraguayan beauty queen owns catwalk experienceas demonstrated during his presentation at Miss Universewhere he was very close to taking the crown and scepter of the most beautiful woman on the planet, so modeling was not new.

Although in summary Nadia’s presentation was more than outstanding, it drew powerful attention the inconvenience suffered, Well, while walking along the catwalk, he did not notice a small bush and almost fell spectacularly. Although he avoided his fall with great agility, the cameras had already recorded the incident.

It should be noted that it was the lighting of the event that played once morest the model, since it did not show the green zone, so she might not see where she was going.

In the event, the cameras of “The fat and the skinny” they captured Marc Anthony as one of the attendees at the event, who following the participation of his girlfriendchose to withdraw accompanied by his security.

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According to the source of the program conducted by Lili Estefan and Raul de Molinathis was due to the discomfort that Nadia felt, so both of them did not stay for the party following the event.

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The Venezuelan model and ex-wife of Marc Anthony might not help but refer to the presence of the salsero with his fiancee, ruling out rumors or discomfort regarding his participation.

“Look, I adore Marc and I wish him the best forever, in fact we are super friends and if he is happy, I will be happy, my family will be happy, I adore him and I wish them the best from my heart”, commented forcefully.

Regarding the wedding between the two, she indicated that she would be willing to attend. “If they invite me, I go, I sing, I dance, I do a show,” she assured her with a laugh.

“I always talk to Marc, we are very good friends, he is like part of my family, I really love him with my heart and I wish him the best,” he added.

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