Marcelo Polino revealed an unknown fact of La Tora de Gran Hermano 2022

Big Brother Torah 2022 attended with Marcelo Polino y other famous guests at PH We can talk. Before you start recording, made a comment that did not go unnoticed.

At ex-participants of GH 2022who together with Marcelo was part of the cycle of Andy Kusnetzoff con Nancy Pazos, Mariana Genesio Pena y Lucia CarballoHe said that he really wants to go dancing in a bowling alley.

“Before you start recording He said ‘I feel like going out dancing’ and I told him ‘Are you aware that you are very famous?’ Tuesday was very recent and she had no idea she was so popular“, revealed the journalist in his program, Authentic Polino.

“Before starting to record he said ‘I want to go out dancing’ and I told him ‘are you aware that you are very famous?'”.


Honestly, Marcelo told what did you think of the Torahwhom he met personally at PH.

has a strong personalityis a mixture of Farro and other celebrities, it is very bossy”.

“It was quite impressive because we recorded the program on Tuesday and she had just left and had only done the interview with Santi and I didn’t even have a cell phone, so I had no idea that I was so famous“, he closed, reflective.

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