“Marshall Woburn III: The Ultimate Home Speaker Guide with Specifications, Pros and Cons”

2023-04-25 02:30:00

At present, Marshall’s speaker products are mainly divided into three categories: home smart series, portable series and Bluetooth series. Each series will be subdivided into product models according to size. For the Bluetooth series, there are three types: Acton, Stanmore and Woburn. There are two models, and the Woburn we are going to introduce today is the flagship home speaker with the largest volume and the highest specifications in this series.

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Marshall Woburn III Specification Information

Manufacturer information
■Baizi International ■02-37621088 ■https://marshallheadphones.com.tw

product specification
■ Weight: 7.45kg
■ Dimensions: 40×31.7×20.3cm
■ Bluetooth technology: 5.2
■ Connection configuration: 3.5mm+RCA+HDMI(ARC)
■ Acoustic components: one 6-inch 90-watt Class D bass amplifier, two 2-inch 15-watt Class-D midrange amplifiers, two 3/4-inch 15-watt Class-D tweeter amplifiers
■ Color: Classic Black, Cream White

suggested price

In terms of product size, Woburn looks similar to the 15-inch practice speaker design used by guitarists, and weighs 7.45 kg. It has a sense of weight when placed. At first glance, the appearance is very similar to the second generation The four sides of the speaker are also covered with imitation lychee leather texture leather, the front is equipped with a woven mesh cover, the embossed handwritten Marshall Logo, the shock absorber tripod at the bottom, and the brass control knob on the top of the speaker. The elements are all retained, but there are still some differences between the old and new generations. For example, the mesh color of the previous generation is uniformly dark gray, and the mesh surface of this generation is darker and lighter corresponding to black, brown, and white products. In addition, the brass trim that was originally arranged on the lower front of the speaker is presented in a narrower and more streamlined manner, which looks simple and neat. As for the power switch, it is also changed back to the lever-shaped switch design used in the first generation. , very retro and stylish.

Woburn III hardware specifications: complete I/O configuration

Woburn III’s input and output ports are fully configured, and the power input supports 100-240V. In addition to using Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to mobile phones and tablets to play streaming music, the body is also equipped with RCA and 3.5mm audio input jacks. If you have vinyl The turntable can directly connect the device to the Woburn speaker to listen to analog music. This generation of Woburn has added an HDMI (ARC) audio input port, allowing you to connect to your home TV as a Soundbar. It has more uses and versatility. High, but the audio cable and HDMI transmission cable need to be purchased separately, and the original factory does not come with it.

The control area on the top of the speaker is fully configured and clear at a glance. From right to left, it includes the power lever, track switching key, high and low pitch knob, volume knob and audio source button. There is no difficulty in pairing and operation as a whole. You can intuitively turn the knob to adjust the volume, Low-frequency and high-frequency performance, you can also click or push the play/pause button back and forth to control the top and bottom tracks, and complete all operations simply.

In addition, in terms of specifications, in view of the advantages of higher audio quality, wider and longer wireless transmission range and better audio synchronization that the new LE Audio technology can provide in the future, this Woburn III is also fully equipped with the new generation of Bluetooth 5.2 version , when the new technology is launched, the software can be updated through the App, and the relevant functional applications can be integrated at any time.

product details

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Woburn III experience:Wide sound field and shocking sense of hearing

The timbre performance of Woburn Bluetooth speakers in the past few generations has been above a certain level, but this time Woburn III pushes up the sound performance once more with a new directional speaker setup and automatic audio processing technology, built-in outwardly inclined tweeter and a new version of waveguide Tube, which highlights the thick and wide sound quality, and also reduces the impact on the sound effect caused by the reflection around the space. The sound sense has a wider sound field than the previous generation, and this speaker also has a built-in dynamic volume, which helps to adjust the volume of the sound. Tonally balanced to ensure no distortion at all volume levels.

For the acoustic monomer part, Woburn III uses a 6-inch 90-watt class D amplifier to drive the woofer and bass reflex box, with two 3/4-inch 15-watt tweeter drivers and two 2-inch 15-watt midrange drivers The unit has a response frequency of 35-20,000Hz, and the low frequency part is close to the lowest frequency that can be perceived by the human ear. Because this unit has a considerable volume, the sound will sound thicker and more solid than Acton and Stanmore, plus There are low, medium, and high-pitched drivers that perform their respective duties, and the three-frequency performance is also more complete and clear. Whether listening to rock music, jazz, or pop music, its presentation in terms of instrument performance, sound quality, and timbre is like sitting and singing. The effect of watching the performance live is generally full of presence.

application details

Advantages and disadvantages of Woburn IIIView: visual beauty and bel canto feast once owned

exterior design ★★★★★
A closer look includes the hairline pattern on the buttons, the rhombus pattern cutting of the power switch, and the leather edging are as meticulous as the workmanship, maintaining the usual high-quality appearance. Even when you are not listening to music, you can also use it as a home decoration. .

hardware specification ★★★★☆
Equipped with a new generation of Bluetooth 5.2, it can be integrated into relevant applications at any time, and a new HDMI interface is added. The input and output port configuration is quite complete. The only fly in the ointment is that it does not support AirPlay to play streaming music.

sound performance ★★★★★
This three-way system and readjusted monomer configuration have a wider sound field than the previous generation, and can present more crisp treble, clear midrange and powerful bass.

application ★★★★☆
In addition to wirelessly updating the firmware version, the App also has applications such as treble and bass equalizers, position compensation, and night mode to enhance the listening experience.

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