Martín Arzuaga and Andrés Marocco argue strongly for the Colombia Sub 20 National Team

Although it is often said that these debates are ‘armed’ or exaggerated by the protagonists, this time it was clear that there was no acting.

Just as he is passionate and ‘hot’ to talk about football, especially his Junior from Barranquilla, Martín Arzuaga can reach a very high level in the midst of the debates in which he participates. And this time, after being questioned by Andrés Marocco, they ended up quite upset in the middle of the ‘F 90’ program on ESPN Colombia.

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It all happened during an analysis he was doing on the Colombia U-20 team and its strikers, who have not had a good South American and have been left in debt. For the ‘Torito’, Miguel Monsalve is not a good option to play ‘false 9’, while the journalist from Santander defended his proposal and thinks that players who do not work cannot be kept waiting.

Raising the issue like this, it did not seem that things were going to get out of control, apart from the fact that the proposal was being explained by the host of the program Francisco ‘Pacho’ Vélez. However, everything changed with a statement from the former player and a question, with a high tone, from the communicator.

This was the grip of Martín Arzuaga and Andrés Marocco on ESPN Colombia:

‘Pacho’ was explaining the idea of ​​putting Monsalve as ‘false 9’, replacing Ricardo Caraballo and above Iván Zuleta and Jorge Cabezas Hurtado. These last 3, with poor performances in the competition and much criticism for Colombia’s lack of goals. Well, Marocco remembered that he had already given that idea and that it was the best option: “That’s the one I proposed to you last week, from Monsalve from ‘false 9’.”

But Arzuaga did not disagree and explained his arguments: “I am aware that Monsalve has been a scorer in the minor divisions of Medellín, but he has had a striker as a reference. But he is a loose player, a ‘half striker’, who doesn’t have predetermined and automated movements”.

And it was time for the debate. when the former player was speaking and his program partner began to question him:

  • Arzuaga: Are we going to put a player, who plays ’10’, loose, whatever you want to call it, ‘9’, where there are 2 more players who act as ‘9’ and who are net ‘9’?
  • Marocco: But you keep insisting with 2 players who can’t even stop a ball in the area.
  • Arzuaga: But how many opportunities have they had?
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And a “HOW?”, almost sarcastic and with a loud volume that the journalist released, led to ‘el Torito’ getting excited, waving his hands and shouting his next words: “Well, how much has Monsalve played? Have you played well in the last few games?

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Although Andrés Marocco was the one who opened the debate, he interrupted Martín Arzuaga and also raised the tone, then he bothered to ‘mark the court’. But Arzuaga did not lower his tone and ‘Pacho’ Vélez had to intervene:

  • Marocco: Calm down, don’t yell at me… But don’t yell.
  • Arzuaga: Didn’t you yell at me right now? You didn’t tell me: HOW?
  • Vélez: Calm down, calm down, guys.

It seemed that the program was going to continue and that it had only been a moment of ‘heat’, but again Marocco wanted to cross with a “make no mistake”, which was answered by the man born in Becerril with the same spirit: “no, you don’t either ”. The conversation continued, but while Martín finished giving his arguments, Andrés spent a while without speaking or intervening in what his classmates were saying.

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