MastApple//c is a Mastodon client for… the Apple II

2023-08-30 12:00:00

We’ve already seen third-party clients from Mastodon that can run on devices like Macs, iPhones, iPads and even Apple Watches, but I bet you haven’t seen one running on… Apple II!

That’s right: the lucky few(?) who still have one of the first computers released by Applein addition to being able to earn good money by auctioning off their machines, they can now also run one of the most popular social networks on the bubble. tech of the present.

The work is the work of the French developer Colin Leroy-Mirawhat wrote a little about the software on your personal blog. According to him, although it was tested on an Apple //c model, the MastApple//c – what had its code made available on GitHub — should also work on the Apple variant ][c[c

Even running on an interface that is extremely limited compared to current graphical interfaces, Mastodon for Apple II has a series of very useful resources for anyone who is a regular user of the social network.

Among them are views of different timelines, the user’s profile and even threads and notifications. It is also possible to favorite, give boost and respond to publications, as well as — believe me — view images (with their respective descriptions).

It seems, as well noted AppleInsiderthe biggest difficulty (besides having an Apple II at hand) seems to be getting to implement the code on the computer — even with external help links provided by the developer.

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