Maximizing Customer Satisfaction: The Importance of Feedback and Surveys for Businesses

2023-06-09 05:04:57

It is therefore a trend that is becoming widespread. Telecoms, deliveries, stores, travel agency, hairdresser, restaurant, everyone today wants to know your opinion, you the consumer who will return (or not) to this store, who will use this service company once more (or not) . “Satisfaction surveys are really a great measurement tool for the company since this tool really allows them to assess and manage the health of their company continuously and in real time, observes Cécile Delcourt. In fact, satisfaction is a key indicator because it predicts different customer behaviors, such as trust, commitment, loyalty, etc. And customer loyalty is expressed in particular by word of mouth, purchase intentions, price sensitivity, etc.

The idea is really to control the negative feedback of customers by inviting them to lodge their complaint with the company itself, and not to disseminate negative feedback on social networks.

What interests the company is not the mass of indifferent people who do not respond. What she wants is a bit those who are enthusiastic and say so, but it is above all the complainers that companies want to capture, to control any bad mood of the customers.

In an environment where social media has become the center of public expression, the outburst of negative comments can quickly damage a reputation. “What the company is really looking for by sending an evaluation questionnaire to the customer is to collect their feedback, to identify minor problems, but also and above all to identify and correct other major problems and therefore to collecting complaints, confirms Cécile Delcourt. What they want, these companies, is for the customer to complain internally, directly to the company, and not externally to a large number of potential customers, in particular by spreading extremely negative comments on social networks.

The satisfaction survey therefore becomes a way for the company to control its image, to control negative feedback.

The customer, following having remembered positive memories, will spend between 8 and 33% more compared to a customer who would not have been invited to remember these positive moments with the company.

The way questions are asked can also be important and even influence consumer behavior. “For exampleexplains Cécile Delcourt, it is to invite the client to recall the positive events during the service experience he has just had. And we find in fact, according to studies, that the customer, following recalling these positive memories, will later spend between 8% and 33% more, compared to a customer who would not have been invited to remember those positive moments with the company.”

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