Medical equipment is delivered to the Ruiz y Páez hospital

The work on the roof of the assistance center is maintained.

Courtesy | Governor of Bolívar directed new delivery of equipment and supplies in Hospital Ruiz y Páez

Manuel Maurera, sole health authority and president of the Bolívar State Public Health Institute (ISP), reported that medical equipment was delivered to the different areas of the Ruiz y Páez Hospital Complex.

Included three in-hospital carts, a purifier, air sterilization for a healthcare facility, plus a defibrillator (to detect any rapid or life-threatening heartbeat)

“Two multi-parameter monitors were also delivered (aimed at monitoring the vital signs of a patient), two infantometers (used to measure the length of children under two years of age), two infant radiant heaters, a syringe pump (for solution administration, with a high degree of accuracy in terms of volume and speed), among other equipment.

“We have come once again to this important health center, fulfilling an order from Governor Ángel Marcano, who took on the challenge of improving the Ruiz y Páez Hospital, not only in infrastructure, but also in quality of services,” Maurera said in a press release.

He maintained that some lighting and electricity repairs were made, medical and surgical equipment, biosafety and safety tools against covid-19 have been delivered, and currently, work is being carried out on the roof of the Burn Unit, which was damaged by the recent rains.

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