Medicine, among the most expensive careers in Colombia

When young people finish high school they always look for a way to enter the university and be able to study the career they like to have a better future, however, high prices cause desertion in higher education institutions.

It is for this reason that El Tiempo made a list of the most expensive races in Colombia, since there are some that usually have a price greater than $10 million, depending on the university chosen.

The most expensive course is medicine at the Universidad de los Andes, which costs $27,736,000, but depending on the date, the price is higher at the Universidad del Rosario, where the starting price is $27,400,000.

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This is the price of the medical degree at each university:

1) $27,736,000 – University of Los Andes.

2) $27,400,000 – University of Rosario.

3) $26,322,000 – Javeriana University.

4) $24,500,000 – El Bosque University.

5) $23,580,000 – University of La Sabana.

6) $19,022,300 – University of the North.

7) $18,800,000 – Icesi University.

8) $18,630,010 – Autonomous University of Bucaramanga.

9) $17,550,000 – EIA University – in alliance with Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital.

10) $17,500,000 – CES University.

11) $17,100,000 – Pontifical Bolivarian University

12) $15,505,000 – University of Manizales.

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The next most expensive career is Business Administration at the Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración (CESA), which has a value of $17,990,000 each semester. This educational institution is known for the quality of its programs.

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On the other hand, the Universidad del Rosario has some of the most expensive courses today. For example, Jjurisprudence that has a value of $15,497,000; follows Business Administration, Business Administration and some engineering (Industrial, Electronics and Systems) for a price of $14,609,000.

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