Melissa Paredes reveals that Rodrigo Cuba does not suffer “anything” for the support of her daughter Mujeres Al Mando Latina Farándula NNDC | TVMAS

An exclusive interview was offered by the program “Mujeres Al Mando” that was broadcast in its entirety this Monday morning and in it revealed, among other things, that he needs to work because Rodrigo Cuba does not suffer “anything” for the maintenance of his daughter.

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The model was consulted by Thaís Casalino about how she looked from here in a month and she surprised with her response by assuring: “Honestly, I haven’t thought about it yet, but I want to work. I need to work”. After that, He explained why this is so urgent for him.

“I have a shared tenure. To me, Unlike many women who stay as single mothers and the man pays them a pension, absolutely nothing happens to me ”, revealed. “I would love to go back to work. I think it is a blessing ”, added.

In this interview, Melissa Paredes also made her relationship with the dancer Anthony Aranda official and admitted that they have been in love a month ago. Let us remember that it was in October 2021, that the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” broadcast an ‘ampay’ by Melissa Paredes and the dancer Anthony Aranda, her partner in the program “Reinas del show”, who were caught kissing inside the model’s truck.

After the dissemination of the images, he no longer appeared in the program hosted by Gisela Valcárcel, Since in the public eye, the driver had a happy marriage with soccer player Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba, the father of her only daughter.

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However, she went to the front to make her release in “América Hoy”, a space in which she worked as a host. Here, Walls She said that she was estranged from her husband before the ‘ampay’, but that they lived together because “she had nowhere to go.”

“He (for Rodrigo Cuba) and I agreed on something. We agreed on something since I had a taste for someone (for the dancer), I told him. That was at the end of September. He told me if we could fix it ”, Melissa counted through tears.

Finally, Melissa Paredes said that she would be away from the morning show indefinitely and in that course, the former presenter she divorced Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba and moved with her daughter Mia to another apartment.


Thaís Casalino reveals whether or not he believed Melissa Paredes

Thaís Casalino tells details of the interview with Melissa Paredes
Thaís Casalino tells details of the interview with Melissa Paredes


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