Meta Platforms is temporarily limiting “possible inappropriate or unwanted comments” about the conflict between Israel and Hamas

2023-10-18 19:59:00

The owner of Facebook, Meta Platforms, introduced temporary measures on Wednesday to limit “possible inappropriate or unwanted comments” on posts about the conflict between Israel and Hamas, reports, quoted by

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Meta said it will change the default setting for people who can comment on new and public Facebook posts created by users “in the region” to only their friends and followers, Meta said in an updated blog post.

A Meta spokesman declined to say how the company defined the region.

Users can opt out and change the setting at any time, Meta said.

The social media company added that it will disable the ability to see the first one or two comments on posts while scrolling through the Facebook feed.

“Our policies are designed to keep people safe in our apps while giving everyone the right to express themselves. We apply these policies equally around the world and there is no truth to the suggestion that we are deliberately suppressing the right to free speech,” Meta said.

Earlier this week, some users who posted in support of the citizens of Palestine or Gaza accused Meta of suppressing their content.

Meta designates Hamas as a “dangerous organization” and bans content praising the group.

Mondoweiss, a news site covering Palestinian human rights, said on social media platform X on October 10 that Instagram had suspended the profile of its video correspondent twice.

Other Instagram users reported that their posts and stories about Palestine received no views.

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Meta said it fixed a bug on Instagram that prevented reposted content from appearing in a user’s story, which disappears after 24 hours.

“This error equally affected accounts around the globe, not just people trying to post about what’s happening in Israel and Gaza, and had nothing to do with the subject of the content,” Meta said. (Photo: Daniel Constante,

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