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The world’s first “open world metaverse mobile game” “MetaCity M” developed by Gamamobi has officially announced that LISA, a member of BLACKPINK, a popular girl group in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States under YG, a top Korean entertainment agency, will serve as the global spokesperson, taking the global music and fashion industry by storm. She is known for her cute and lovable personal style off the stage. Her sweetness to the people is in line with the metaverse world of “MetaCity M” that is now sweeping the world. Such an amazing cross-border cooperation also makes the world look forward to the future of the two What a surprise spark!

The world’s first open world metaverse mobile game, all fantasy can be realized

“MetaCity M”, which has been developed since 2020, focuses on the strategy of “Open World Metaverse”. Each planet in “MetaCity M” has more than 1,600 small towns, 690 secondary cities, 55 primary cities and The huge adventure world of more than 510 million square kilometers, you can be neighbors with friends, drive, walk, and fly with people from different countries around the world every day to go out to explore various places, and watch the sunrise, sunset, spring, summer, autumn and winter in the secret places on the top of the mountain. , you can also take the interstellar spaceship to other planets to visit players in different worlds; in the game, you can play your construction skills, develop towns together with players from all over the world, and create a unique metaverse city.

MetaCity MThe world’s first open world metaverse game is about to meet you! Photo / provided by Taiwan Gamma Mobile Digital.

With the addition of LISA to MetaCity M, this unprecedented cross-border cooperation is bound to make players around the world look forward to the official launch of this year’s game. If you want to know more about the spokesperson LISA, please pay attention:

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