Mike Trout’s Off-Season Plans: Clearing His Head for the Next Season with the Angels

2023-09-25 23:59:06

Avoiding specifics: “When we enter the off-season, I will clear my head.”

■Angels – Rangers (Anaheim, Japan time 26th)

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Angels outfielder Mike Trout responded to an interview on the 25th (26th Japan time) before the team’s home game against the Rangers. There are reports that the team is willing to trade him if he wishes to leave, but he only said, “As usual, I would like to use the offseason for a few weeks to clear my head and prepare to play.” Ta.

US media is also predicting talks between Trout and the Angels. “We have discussions every year. It’s not just this year. We have private conversations with the front office, with John (team president Carpino), Artie (owner Moreno), and Perry (GM Minassian).” I explained the situation.

When asked if he wanted to stay with the Angels, he declined to be specific, saying, “We’ve been having private conversations for 13 years. Once we get into the offseason, we’ll clear our minds.” He also seems to be looking forward to playing next season, saying, “And then, come spring, I’ll wear an Angels uniform.”

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