Milei: “The problem of the stocks cannot be resolved if the problem of the Leliqs is not resolved”

2023-11-20 14:23:00

Javier Milei assured in his first statements as the newly elected president that before lifting the exchange rate The “Leliqs problem” must be solved, since otherwise the country could fall into hyperinflation.

“The problem of the exchange rate cannot be resolved if the problem of the Leliqs is not resolved.”. It is the other side of the coin,” said the leader of La Libertad Avanza in statements this morning to Radio Rivadavia.

Quasi-fiscal deficit: how to deal with the Leliqs problem

Interviewed by Edward FeinmanMilei referred to several important issues for the future of the country’s economy, including the public debt in pesos represented by the leliqs, and the exchange rate.

On both topics he emphasized: “If you don’t solve the Leliqs problem, you are going to hyperinflation. You have to solve the problem of the Leliqs and then you are released,” she admitted.

Asked about how much the price of the dollar could be in that case, the newly elected president said: “The prices will be determined by the market, “but first you have to correct the stock imbalances because the dynamics of adjustment without correcting the stock imbalances can be lethal and lead to hyperinflation.”

Faced with criticism of dollarization | News

Javier Milei reiterated that is willing to “apply the manual to the letter to fix the problems” and marked the axes of his Government: ““Small state committed to honoring commitments, respect for property rights, an open position towards the world on commercial terms.”

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The situation of the leliqs

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