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2023-11-10 10:05:00

[Beauty meets beauty, sweetness fills Nanfeng]

The Miss Tourism World 2023 came to the Tangerine Lake Scenic Area.

They experienced the beautiful scenery and delicious food of Nanfeng with a sweet mood.

Beautiful women, beautiful scenery, and delicious food come together to create a beautiful place.

At Tangerine Lake, the beauties took a cruise to the filming location of “Home Between Landscapes” and experienced orange picking. Here, they are integrated with nature, and the beautiful silhouettes are perfectly combined with the Nanfeng landscape.

On the viewing platform, there is a competition to peel and eat oranges. The beautiful scenery and the beautiful tourist lady on site form a beautiful picture, making the taste of Nanfeng tangerines even sweeter.

In the square, Miss Tourism of the World played small games such as stacking oranges, kicking orange peels, and fighting oranges. Along with the beautiful figures, they showed off their talents in the ring. The laughter at the scene made Nanfeng a leisure place with both beautiful scenery and delicious food. city, promoted to the world.

Miss Tourism of the World spreads the beauty and food of Nanfeng to the world through their beauty in the Orange Lake Scenic Area, attracting tourists from all over the world to come and experience the charm of Nanfeng.

Nanfeng tangerine “fruit” is so delicious!


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