Monet-Mitchell at the Louis Vuitton Foundation: meeting between two artists

Monet-Mitchell is about to conclude, but before this dialogue between these two artists ends, L’EclaireurFnac went to the museum to discover an exhibition full of surprises, colorful and exciting.

Since October 5, 2022, and for a few more days – until February 27, 2023 precisely – the Louis Vuitton Foundation has hosted the Monet-Mitchell exhibition. For several months, the paintings exhibited in the heart of the Parisian museum have fostered an unexpected dialogue between the founder of Impressionism and the American artist, a member of the abstract expressionism movement. If, originally, nothing intended Claude Monet to share a common exhibition with Joan Mitchellthe two painters ultimately shared many similarities in terms of inspirations and emotions, over the years.

A dialogue through time

Despite their uniqueness, each has managed to appropriate a common landscape, often that of nature, to bring out an emotion, a memory. A different principle, a dichotomous technique, but a similar objective which today makes it possible to match the works of Claude Monet with those of Joan Mitchell in a successful, colorful and exciting exhibition.

Exhibition teaser Monet-Mitchell at the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

The course deploys 70 paintings on three levels, revealing, according to a sensitive approach, their convergences, on huge canvases. If nature is at the center of their inspiration, the technique and the sensations caused are very different. Claude Monet’s works favor a contemplative approach, his water lilies are motionless, and stand out despite the abandonment of contours. For their part, the abstract works of Joan Mitchell exude the fever of a painting that appears raw, and at first sight disorganized. However, as the artistic career progresses, we learn that the artist had an unprecedented mastery of her palette and her colors in order to give life to what she called her « feelings ».

This ingenuity in the use of his palette irretrievably surprised the most curious. This is also a key element of the exhibition, because visitors will never stop discovering the artistic similarities, but also the hidden links between two artists whom time has yet separated. As for example, their common installation in Normandy, their inspiration aroused by nature, and the elevation of their feelings.

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Immersive, the exhibition offers for the first time in Paris, the triptych of The Agapanthe by Monet (1926) while the ten paintings of the cycle The Great Valley (1983) by Joan Mitchell are brought together to offer a fascinating artistic dialogue. Two artists who were never destined to meet, finally meet at the heart of the Louis Vuitton Foundation. An ingenious, exciting dialogue through time, to be discovered for just a few more days in the Parisian museum.

Monet-Mitchell at the Louis Vuitton Foundation, until February 27, 2023.

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