Monica Poli: Dancing Against Venice Pickpockets – The Viral Sensation!

2023-08-16 16:26:35


“Beware, pickpockets” – this is how Monica Poli became a dance star

Right-wing politician Monica Poli walks through her hometown of Venice every day. If she notices a strange situation, she alerts tourists to potential pickpockets.

Published16. Aug 2023, 6:26 p.m

“Attenzione, borseggiatrici” – Monica Poli screams through Venice. With her reputation, musician Jovynn has now created a dance remix.

20 minutes / Tiktok

Monica Poli yells “watch out for pickpockets” every day as she walks through Venice.

She wants to protect tourists from suspected criminals, she says.

Poli is a member of a vigilante group that is particularly following Roma.

With her cry “Attenzione, borseggiatrici” – translated “Attention, pickpockets» – Monica Poli became an international viral sensation. Now the musician Jovynn has created a dance remix from Polis Ruf, which even ran at the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium.

The 57-year-old has been patrolling the streets of Venice for years. With her loud and shrill voice she makes tourists alert to pickpockets. Poli belongs to the group «Cittadini Non Distratti» (Vigilant Citizens). The organization’s 50 or so members roam the city yelling at people they think are thieves – people the “vigilant citizens” only suspect will snatch wallets, cell phones or cameras from travelers.

Tourists run away in panic

Poli is also a politician for the right-wing populist and xenophobic Lega party, which, among other things, agitates once morest the Roma ethnic group. On Tiktok and X (formerly Twitter), users have long been debating whether Poli’s campaign once morest pickpockets is actually aimed at the Roma, thereby perpetuating stereotypes once morest the already marginalized community.

Poli chooses busy places, such as the train station, to shoot Insta and Tiktok videos recently. As she moves with the camera, she screams. The images show suspected pickpockets fleeing from their lens, but also tourists who panic and run away.

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Poli believes he has a “sixth sense” for criminals

She was on the road in her hometown for between three and six hours a day, she told the New York Times. She keeps an eye out for people who “look at people or their luggage in a special way,” she says. “I have a sixth sense for it.”

Monica Poli fights pickpockets in Venice – her videos go around the world.

Screenshot Youtube/A3 News

As “The Economist” reported, Polis “Cittadini Non Distratti” reported several suspected pickpockets to the police. The group was responsible for a third of all pickpocket arrests in Venice in 2019. Asked if the security forces had ever asked the group to stop patrolling, Monica Poli said categorically: “No, never.”

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