More than €3,000 to treat Sika, a 13-year-old cat suffering from cancer: in this Liège clinic, the owners would do ANYTHING to save their animals

There is a veterinary clinic in Liège which concentrates all possible services to care for pets. From snakes to small kittens to horses, they are welcomed like humans by specialists in an emergency department. Doctors and students from the University of Liège take turns 24 hours a day, seven days a week and even offer an intensive care service, unique in French-speaking Belgium. But the prices charged are not covered by social security. Driven by emotion, owners sometimes spend several thousand euros to offer comfort to their companions. For them, they are members of the family who must be saved. If only for a few more months of life. An immersion in a hospital that has nothing to envy to a human clinic.

A hospital hallway, carts, uniformed personnel. The decor is the same as that of a classic clinic. The difference here is the patient profile. Madara is a Python Regius who has been suffering from nasty pneumonia for a week now. To consider a new treatment, it will be necessary to put him to sleep and make him pass a scanner.

This snake deserves every effort

“This snake for owners, it can be invaluable. This snake deserves that we make every effort to keep it well”believes Remi Gay, intern in zoological medicine.

His treatment is immediate. The presence of an anesthesiologist is essential. This one is British. He continued his training at the University of Liège. “For reptiles it’s really a very rare case. It’s part of my training and it’s my first time. It’s my first snake and it’s very exciting”points Oliver Dunham , anesthetist – veterinary resident in training.

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Sika, a 13-year-old cat, is seriously ill: what to do?

At the age of 13, Sika no longer has any strength. The cat is definitely suffering from marrow cancer. “She’s not well, I don’t think she has long left”, breathes his mistress. Its owners who come from Flanders for its second transfusion have already spent nearly 3,000 euros. “If you love your animal, you do everything, it’s like a child for us”.

In this unique intensive care unit in French-speaking Belgium, the animals, whose existence hangs by a thread, are cared for and pampered, right to the end.

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