Multimedia: Fnac disgusts its competition by launching a big promo on its entire site

Good news Multimedia: Fnac disgusts its competition by launching a big promo on its entire site

You may not know it, but some brands launch major promotional operations, even when we are not in sales periods or Black Friday for example. Today, it is a French multimedia brand that is selling off almost all of its products. You saw it in the title, it is the famous Fnac. What a real blow to the competition.

This beautiful wave of promotions takes place this evening, Friday March 11 at 6 p.m., and lasts all weekend until Monday March 14 at 1 p.m. What does it consist of? It’s quite simple: up to 15€ are offered to you for every 100€ of purchase.

“Why up to?”, you will say. Good question, we explain that to you. if you are a simple Fnac customer with a free account on the site of the famous merchant, you will be entitled to 10€ for every 100€ of purchase. So that’s 10% off your multimedia shopping, it’s simple. If you buy a TV for €1000, for example, it goes up to €900.

But, still in slices of €100 of purchase, Fnac offers you €15 instead of €10 if you are a Fnac+ or Fnac One member. These subscriptions are paid, a bit like an Amazon Prime account. They allow, among other things, exclusive promotions like this one, free delivery in 1 working day, a subscription to Deezer…

Subscribe to Fnac+ for 1 year at €7

See all current promotions on the Fnac website

At JV, we tend to recommend the cheapest, the Fnac+ account. At the moment, there is a promo on this subscription: for 7€ per year (not per month, per year), you will have all the advantages of this rather crazy loyalty card. If, like us, you love video games, know that Fnac+ subscribers are entitled to a €10 reduction on all their game pre-orders. As a result, it is almost always at Fnac that we find the cheapest day one physical games. The price of the subscription is therefore very quickly reimbursed.

Another clarification. The discount does not apply automatically. To benefit from it, whether you are a simple member or a Fnac+ member, you must enter the FNAC promo code (capital letters are important) in the small dedicated insert just before going to checkout.

This promotion is cumulative with all the other good plans in progress at Fnac. It works on almost the entire site, with rare exceptions. For example, the price of books being regulated by French law, it cannot go down any further. The latest pre-orders of new Apple products such as the Mac Studio are also excluded.

Below, we therefore offer you a home selection of products that fall at very attractive prices in our opinion. Of course, do not hesitate to surf for yourself on the Fnac site to flush out products that suit you perfectly!

Subscribe to Fnac+ for 1 year at €7

See all current promotions on the Fnac website (promo code: FNAC)

  • AirPods 2 are 104€. Since the recent release of AirPods 3, the older model has been sold at a discount. Now displayed at only €119, so you can increase them to €104 thanks to the €15 promo. A pretty crazy value for money if you have an iPhone!
  • The elite of wireless headphones are at a unique price. Still in the wonderful world of wireless sound, we can only warmly recommend the Sony XM4, considered one of the best, if not the best Bluetooth headphones on the market. the active noise reduction is crazy, the headphones are classy, ​​comfortable, with ultra-rich and precise sound… it’s a classic. sold at 329€ at fnac, it therefore goes to 284€ with the current promo. If you know the beast, you should know it’s pretty crazy.
  • The 65-inch LG NANO88 4K TV is only €779. With its 100 Hz and HDMI 2.1 port, this large 65-inch 4K TV (165 cm diagonal all the same) is at the top for both gaming and cinema. It was launched at a price of 1199€ less than a year ago. Thereupon, Fnac already offers a big discount and increases it to €899. Add to that 8×15€, or 120€ and you get a great 4K TV for a ridiculously low price.
  • €694 for a good gaming laptop? It’s possible. Launched at €999, the Ideapad Gaming 3 is currently sold at €799 at Fnac. AMD’s Ryzen 5 processor, 512 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM and Nvidia’s famous RTX 3050 graphics card, we can say that this PC is far from ridiculous, especially for its price. Of course, we are not on a top-of-the-range model costing 2 or even 3 times more expensive, it is not necessary to dream, but to see such characteristics at less than 700€ is a rather rare thing to be notified.
  • Only €198 for this reference of gaming seats. Let’s stay in the PC universe. As everyone knows, having a good gaming chair is essential when you spend hours in front of a screen. In this regard, it is better to trust reference models that have proven themselves. The DxRacer is one of those models and it comes down to a really top price thanks to the Fnac promo.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S20FE is €289 instead of €559. Do we really need to introduce one of last year’s Android smartphone elite? Level value for money, this very good smartphone had already been noticed. Very good battery life, smartphone supplied with AC adapter, sublime photos, very powerful Snapdragon processor suitable for 5G… in short, when it’s on sale at this price, it’s really worth it.
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See all current promotions on the Fnac website (promo code: FNAC)

Subscribe to Fnac+ for 1 year at €7

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