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Jiang Tao has revealed since he entered the industry that he once had a crush on someone but was not brave enough to talk about it: I can go and date… (22:58) Jiang Tao longs to get married by the age of 30, hates having a daughter, and hopes that the children will have a complete childhood in the future (22:58) :40) Liu Junqian Yan Zhuoling reprises the Hong Kong stage version of the classic “Crime and Punishment” (22:07) Wang Mingquan used AI to make a short film and said he felt proud. Li Silin temporarily stopped working to focus on taking care of his mother (21:53) MIRROR’s new group celebrates the 5th anniversary of their debut with a song Twelve children who play role-playing roles share their inner feelings (21:34) Song Kanghao refuses the challenge of being a director and laughs at himself for not being a pretty boy: The audience has no objection to me (21:24) Jiang Tao regards Sister Hua as his second mother, always checking himself and trying to keep MIRROR “C position” (21:08) Feng Yunqian shared the story of sneakers, held a concert at the Red House, saved money to buy treasures (20:40) Mak Pei-tung, Zhao Shanheng and Cai Xiaotong co-starred in the supernatural stage play, and encountered strange things in the early stage of rehearsal (20:07) Eason Chan Macau The show was ordered to speak Mandarin by the audience. Eason: You don’t understand? (19:40) Chen Hao brought 60 bags of coffee powder to the north to start work. He was worried that he would be mistaken for smuggling: he was sweating after passing the test (19:25) Fang Lishen was busy setting up the stage. The drama “Tuesday Date” rehearsed and asked for a girlfriend’s helper to comment on the lines (19:06) Bulletproof Jimin’s birthday teammate Jin’s salary as a gift (19:03) Hong Kong Asian Film Festival|Song Kanghaojin spoke in Cantonese: Feeling everyone’s enthusiasm (18:55) Jiang Tao will appear on Zheng Yuling’s online show at 7:30 tonight for the first time to reveal her relationship story after entering the industry (18:43) Xue Yingyi issued a post to counter manager Lin Baoyu’s self-declared wish “I want to be an anchor” (18:23) Zhang Jingxuan works hard on his biceps It doesn’t matter if you take off your shirt and shoot an advertisement: the principle is not to affect the appearance of the city (18:19) Yu Xiangning and Zhong Xueying compete for the Golden Horse Best Actress and they cherish each other and appreciate each other (18:08) Lin Baoyu kicked out Huang Rong for talking nonsense and begging her to cooperate with Ah Yi’s work schedule (17:40) Xu Rong, the 14-year-old daughter of Yeung Zhuona, denies encouraging her daughter to chase celebrities after she becomes a wealthy woman. (17:37) Ronald Cheng refuses to let his children watch “Diary of a Young Man” for fear of damaging his image as a loving father. He praises Huang Zile for his good show (17:21) My Paradise City | Jiang Tao transforms into a reporter and follows “Jiang Tang” to record the whereabouts of support (17:04) Jiang Tao’s song “Tao” is full of tenacity and has been on the charts for 10 weeks and finally became the number one song (16:40) Chen Hao and Chen Aimee’s husband and wife team to film a drama Before doing a special training couple’s stretch to warm up (16:22) The Voice of Middle Ages 2|5 Lights contestants collectively missed the mark, Priscilla Chan and Wu Zhongheng frowned when they heard it (15:35) Hello, my doctor|Cai Sibei was trapped in a nightmare She blamed herself for helping her late father, Ho Kwong-pei, to resolve her knot (14:57) Lucy injured her forehead and then slapped Pat on her dance video to report that she was safe and was dubbed “Crayon Xiaoyuan” by netizens (14:22) He Chaofeng said that her brother-in-law, Chen Zicong, was too weak to visit Chaoyi. Facing difficulties and pressure (13:55) Shan Wenrou received “Forgive Lemon Tea” after her 5th wedding anniversary and Chen Zhanpeng broke out (12:53) Article date: October 14, 2023

The movie “My Paradise City” co-starring Jiang Tao, Song Yunhua and Li Jiawen is currently in theaters. The three of them went to the theater to thank them for their votes. Jiang Tang (nicknamed by fans) also held a tram to support the idol drama. Jiang Tao this afternoon (14 Japan) posted a post on the social platform for a limited time. He wrote: “It’s really funny. I thought about it all morning and decided to tell you. When I was running from Causeway Bay to Sai Wan early in the morning, I saw such a group of people. People (referring to ginger candy), looking at their hurried pace, I couldn’t help but follow them, please take a look…”

Jiang Tao filmed a few fans running in the street from a distance: “They seem to be rushing to a mysterious place. As a reporter, I will show you.” After that, Jiang Tao filmed Taipan Jiang. In a clip and photo of Tang gathering in front of a tram with “My Paradise City” printed on it, he jokingly wrote: “I should be the first idol in history to follow my fans.”

Related news: Jiang Tao’s song “Tao” is full of resilience and has been on the charts for 10 weeks and finally became the number one song.

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