Mysterious Discovery: Uncovering the Strange Phenomenon Under Australian Woman’s Floorboards

2023-11-17 02:40:32

An Australian woman discovered something strange after lifting up the floorboards of her home. (Picture/Photo taken from Facebook/Hannah Sycamore)

An Australian woman discovered a strange phenomenon on the floor of her home. Upon closer inspection, it looked like a black mesh. So she went to social media to ask everyone, but someone humorously replied, “Stranger Things Season 5?” However, some experts have answered that it is actually a kind of “fungus”.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, Hannah Sycamore, a woman in Melbourne, Australia, posted on the Facebook group “Australia & New Zealand Fungus Identification”, “I found this after opening the wet floor. Does anyone know what it is?” What?” Under the bottom board, there was a large area of ​​black net like tree roots, which was quite strange.

Many netizens in the community believe that it is “mycelium, “slime mold” or some kind of tree root, but it is difficult to draw a conclusion just by looking at it with the naked eye. Another person said that “it is the fifth chapter of “Stranger Things”” Ji?” Pointing out that the thing in the photo is very similar to the monster in it, but no one can give the correct answer to this situation.

An expert from the herbarium in Brisbane said: “It looks like the root shape of the Armillaria fungus, but unfortunately there is no basis for it”; rhizomes are the thread-like or rope-like fungi. The structure is composed of parallel hyphae and branched tubular filaments, forming the main body of a typical fungus.

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In addition, Elizabeth Aitken, professor of plant pathology at The University of Queensland, also agreed with the above statement, “Whether it is dry rot fungus or something else, you need to take samples or ask a wood expert.”

Dr. Heike Neumeister-Kemp, managing director and chief mycologist of Mycolab, answered, “This is definitely fungal mycelium, most likely from basidiomycetes. This fungus is not dangerous and will form fruiting bodies ( Toadstools or mushrooms)”.

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