Nate My Mate Nate wins on the world stage at the Influencer Boxing show in England.

2023-10-15 03:53:32

Raise the Thai flag, which is the national symbol of Thailand. The announcement reverberated around the world at 2:00 a.m. on October 15th for a famous YouTuber. Nate My Mate Nate or Nate Nathan Bartling who got to fight on the world stage in the Influencer Boxing show in England with the opponent being the most famous star in Brazil Whindersson Nunes which has over 44 million followers on YouTube and nearly 60 million on Instagram.

This work Nate My Mate Nate has successfully created a reputation for Thailand Beautifully won the world championship in Influencer Boxing as the first Thai representative in this program. Under the eyes of over 25,000 viewers from every corner of the world.

He described his feelings after winning this victory. “Victory is ours. I fought in international boxing on a world-class stage in a stadium with nearly 25,000 people cheering!! Practiced hard, practiced hard, and it was all worth it because he raised his hand! Win by unanimous vote 40-36 from all three judges!!

Thank you for all the support from fans. Thai people all over the country Thank you to my trainer Paul for showing me the way and getting me where I am today. Thank you very much to the best match. and the friendship that we will have together forever And it’s indispensable. Thank you Nong Ava. For always being an encouragement to me. Today I can do it. I don’t have to cry when I see you fall.

If I fight, I will definitely lose. But if I don’t fight, I will definitely lose. I would like to encourage everyone to follow their dreams. And this is just the beginning for me.”

On the side of Ms. Ten Thousand Million Ava Pawarawan Weeraphuchong Expressed his feelings after his sweetheart, My Mate Nate, won this time. “P’Nate can do it. Bring victory to our home. I’m very proud of Nate. I know how tiring it is. Every day that Brother Nate is dedicated Every day that I don’t eat my favorite food, every day that I don’t want to get down because I’m afraid of getting hurt, every day that I don’t sleep because every part of my body aches, every day that I cry because I’m discouraged, every day that I’m tired because I can’t take a video. Or do you have to continue practicing immediately after recording the clip?

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The reward for those who don’t give up The reward for those who never stop trying. Brother Nate is an inspiration to me and many people. I love him the most. Thank you for what you do for our Thailand. Thank you for being a good example to everyone. Tomorrow I’ll take you to the mint chocolate chip ice cream that I want to eat. Hehe. I love you and will enjoy every moment. Whether it’s good or bad, win or lose, there will always be you and everyone who loves Brother Nate by your side.”

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