National Singing Contest New MC Kim Shin-young’s family’s glory… Break your body, I’ll run

Broadcaster Kim Shin-young has been selected as the new MC for KBS 1TV’s ‘National Singing Contest’. Photo = Media Lab Seesaw

Kim Shin-young, the new MC of KBS 1TV’s ‘National Singing Contest’, revealed her determination to lead the program with an attitude of learning from the performers.

On the 30th, through the KBS YouTube channel, Kim Shin-young expressed her feelings about being the new MC of ‘National Singing Contest’ following Song Hae, who passed away in June.

Kim Shin-young said, “Song Hae’s words are memorable.” He said, “Because ‘National Singing Contest’ was made by the people who have appeared (on the air), it is the MC that absorbs and learns everything.”

He then emphasized, “I will go with your breath rather than the desire to be funny.” He emphasized, “I will work hard with sincerity with the thought that it is a program that can communicate closely with many people in Paldo across the country and promote the colors of the country.”

One of KBS’s representative programs, ‘National Singing Contest’, was hosted by Song Hae from May 1988 until his death, and has traveled across the country to share the joys and sorrows of the people.

Lee Sang-byeok, Lee Sang-yong, Lim Baek-cheon, and Lee Taek-rim were mentioned as strong candidates, and there was also an observation that composer Lee Ho-seop and announcer Lim Su-min, who had filled Song Hae’s vacancy as replacement MCs, could continue to host.

In the midst of this, it is analyzed that ‘National Singing Contest’ made a choice to become younger as Kim Shin-young, a relatively young 39-year-old, took over as the MC.

Kim Shin-young, who was referred to as ‘Song-hae’s successor’, said, “He is a person who can be placed anywhere in the country” as to the reason he was selected as the new MC, beating out prominent broadcasters who were referred to as ‘Song-hae’s successor’.

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He continued, “(Access) has a low threshold, so you can talk comfortably and play around.” He added, “We have held many comedy events, audition programs, children’s song contests, etc. I think I was chosen because I am a comfortable person.”

Kim Shin-young said, “It is the honor of the family and one of the ‘five blessings’ to be the MC of the ‘National Singing Contest’.

He said, “In the era of turning TV channels, when I lay down on a weekend morning, I could hear the music of the national song contest, ‘Dandra, ‘Dtttta’. I grew up with the program (I will be the MC), and it is really touching and heartbreaking.” I will work hard as long as the people allow it,” he said.

He continued, “There is no food that I can’t eat, so I will eat very deliciously what you all worked hard to farm in Paldo across the country.

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