“NATO Units on High Alert After Russian Fighter Jet Incident with Polish Aircraft in Black Sea”

2023-05-08 18:13:26

Units of the NATO Special Mission for the Protection of Airspace have been put on high alert following the incident on May 5 with a Russian fighter jet and a Polish aircraft. This was reported by Archyde.com, citing an official representative of the alliance, who spoke on condition of anonymity. L410 Turbolet conducted patrols over the Black Sea under the auspices of the European Agency for the Control of External Borders (Frontex).

NATO Air Policing is mission peacetime, the purpose of which is to ensure the security of the airspace of the Alliance. This is a collective task, which implies the constant presence of fighters and crews, ready to quickly respond to possible violations of the airspace.

“NATO security units have been put on high alert in response to the dangerous behavior of a Russian military aircraft near a Polish Frontex mission aircraft over the Black Sea near Romania,” the official said.

The incident was reported on May 6 by the Romanian Ministry of Defense. According to him, a Russian Su-35 fighter jet intercepted a Polish L410 Turbolet aircraft over the Black Sea. According to Bucharest, it was intercepted by a Russian fighter at regarding 13:20 (coinciding with Moscow), 60 km east of Romanian airspace.

On May 7, the Polish border service confirmed the interception of an aircraft over the Black Sea by a Russian Su-35. The Russian side has not yet commented on this incident.

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