NBA Playoffs Preview: Knicks vs Pacers – A Clash of Titans

2024-05-04 05:22:56

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The last time the two teams met in the playoffs was in 2012-13, when the main players were Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. The last time they met was at the end of the last century, in the seven seasons from 1993 to 2000. , New York The Knicks and the Indiana Pacers are almost must-haves in the Eastern Conference playoffs . They faced each other a total of 6 times in the playoffs, each winning 3 times, leaving countless classic games and scenes.

Tom Thibodeau and Rick Carlisle, two well-known contemporary NBA head coaches, have never faced each other as head coaches in the playoffs. However, in the 1990s, they both served as assistant coaches on the current team, assisting Jeff Van Gundy and. Larry Bird in strategizing and fighting.

This season, the two teams have met a total of 3 times, with the Pacers having a 2-1 advantage. However, in those three games, the Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson and OG Anunoby did not play; The Toronto Raptors Anunoby and Pascal Siakam, who have become the pinnacle of the system, will face each other for the first time in an official match in the second round of the playoffs.

Of course, injuries to the Pacers’ Bennedict Mathurin and the Knicks’ Julius Randle and Bojan Bogdanovic also mean the two teams don’t compete with the most complete rosters if you look at the draft picks on both teams’ main rosters and ; the teams they belong to at the time of the draft, there is no tank to acquire the first draft picks, and even the few players who use them to form a team system are all acquired by trade or signing.

But at the same time, both teams have a clear and strong team culture, allowing many underrated players, whether rookies or players with several years of experience, to find their place and shine within of this team, even if the two teams made history; Midway through the season, they didn’t do “All In.” Instead, when they took a big, decisive step with declarative meaning, they still had the ability to continue moving toward the future.

Therefore, we can boldly predict that starting this season, the two teams will face each other in the playoffs several times in the next few years, reenacting the feuds of the past.

From this perspective, the two once-rival teams might have faced each other earlier in the first round. If the Knicks had been more intriguing, we’d recommend they not be so serious about the playoffs in the final game of the regular season. Defeat the Chicago Bulls and move up to second place to face the Philadelphia 76ers, considered by most to be tough to beat. Then the two teams will face each other in the first round.

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But destiny always wants to see these two teams start a new feud, right?

The Knicks took advantage of Joel Embiid not fully recovering from his injury early in the series. In the fierce battle, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard, who happened to be the Milwaukee Bucks, were both injured and had instability factors. , but still took the opportunity to escape, advancing with 4 wins and 2 losses on the same day.

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1. Dual core against the offensive axis of the galaxy

That is to say, the Knicks, who finally escaped Tyrese Maxey’s performance, will encounter another Tyrese who may have a more comprehensive and powerful offensive influence. He will be “Water” on the Pacers’ most famous Chinese writer “Bottle Da”. “Ganda Playone” was interviewed and mentioned that he observed Siakam training after joining the Pacers. He didn’t want to do a 1+1>2 match with Tyrese Haliburton, but wanted the effect of two sets of 1+3>4 The goal is to allow the Pacers to have two offensive cores instead of a combination of two players.

Compared to the development of the Pacers, the Knicks first shifted their attention from Randle to co-management with Jalen Brunson in the past two seasons, then traded for Josh Hart, signed Donte DiVincenzo and developed Miles McBride, completely For fully implement the recognition finally of Brunson and discovered the superstar nature as a star, supplemented by a group of planets that surround him and can be associated with him in various ways, Brunson can fully exercise the side offensive, no matter the situation is good or bad.

2. Respective focus on the defensive end

Regarding the Pacers’ defense, whether it is the lack of POA in the backcourt or the team’s defense is not the main factor in their promotion, it is not easy to retain Brunson. However, TJ McConnell’s defensive performance against Lillard. in the first round? Are you giving Carlisle inspiration?

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