“Netflix” Comedy Hall…Behind the Laughs

Late comedian Robin Williams (Vera Anderson/Getty)

since he joined Dave Chappelle to me “NetflixAs an executing producer of stand-up comedy shows, the door opened more for comedy to celebrate, as the American platform finally hosted the veteran comedian “Zelzal”, presented by Chapelle himself. The network also broadcast, a few days ago, a show “Meet the Giants: Honoring the Legends of Improvisational Comedy(The Hall: Honoring the Greats of Stand-Up), which was filmed at the Netflix Prank Festival last month. Hollywood.
The importance of this show lies in the fact that it opens the first hall of comedy legends (similar to those of rock, blues, acting, and others..), which was inaugurated by four; John Reeves, Richard Breyer, andRobben Williams, and George Carlin. This hall represents the result of the rehabilitation of a wing at the National Comedy Center, to be the seat of the greats of this kind of shows. The goal is to recognize stand-up comedy as an independent art, and to pay a worthy tribute to the pioneers of this art, who left our world. And most importantly, the consolidation of the role of “Netflix” as the platform that took it upon itself to promote this art form.
The honor is not limited to the extent of each comedian’s “laugh”, but rather his role in advancing this art and consolidating its foundations. For example, Jon Stewart introduces the legend George Carlin, through the memory of the “Seven Forbidden Words” incident, which entered Carlin’s American history. But more important to his experience is his disdain for stand-ups, as Stewart puts it; i.e., it was neither a hobby nor a side business, for Karelin got up every morning, writing and working, to the point where he bought a house and supported his family from this profession; That is, he achieved himself as an artist, was able to be financially independent and turn comedy into a way of living.

Then begins the tribute to Robin Williams, who gave each role the greatest amount of “energy” and sensitivity, even if it was a small role. This opinion presented by John Molini is not an exaggeration, but the most important thing Molini tried to say is to deny the myth that comedians are miserable beings, and behind every comedian there is a tragedy and deep nihilistic sadness, in reference to Williams’ sudden suicide, as Molini simply says that comedians bet on laughing Others, the matter that provides them with life, but they are not exhausted from life, and we must read behind their laughter, and wait for the moment of their collapse.
Comedian Chelsea Handler then takes the stage, introducing us to John Rivers; The comedian and presenter of the “Fashion Police” program, which is known for its harsh criticism of celebrities, their forms, and their private and public lives; Freevers is uncompromising in her vitriolic opinions, simply because no one is above criticism, no matter their stature.
The show ends with Dave Chappelle taking the stage, honoring comedian Richard Breyer, who mocked his cruel childhood, and referred to racial discrimination without any shame or fear, to be one of those who paved the way for black comedians, and affirmed that comedians have the right to tell jokes about everything , without fear of political correctness, or the feelings of a particular group of people; Comedy knows no bounds, nor is it sacred.
Added to the importance of this show is the timing of its broadcast; The attacks against comedians, such as Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock, the cancellation campaigns, and the authority of political correctness threatened not only this art form, but the profession of comedian itself in cinema and soap operas, and caution and fear of cancellation and hurt feelings became a real obstacle. It is clear that “Netflix”, which did not abandon Chapelle despite the attack against him, is trying to win laughter, in a clear political position, which says that hurting feelings does not mean canceling or muzzling freedom of expression or reviewing diverse opinions.

It can also be said that comedians are trying to form a grouping to preserve their rights and preserve their works, especially since cancellation is no longer an easy matter to return to. And the return experience of Louis C. Kay, after its cancellation, not everyone can do. It is true that he is now selling his shows directly to viewers through his official website, but this method does not work for everyone, and we are talking here about those less famous, who are still at the beginning of the road. Perhaps such an “alliance” between veteran comedians, may turn in the future into a safe space to laugh and work, without fear of losing a livelihood.

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