Neureuther-Braathen Wedding Offer: A Surprising Twist in the Ski Circus

2023-11-20 07:14:28
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Felix Neureuther continues to regret Lucas Braathen’s resignation. The Norwegian has now also responded to Neureuther’s wedding offer.

Munich – The Neureuther family is growing. In addition to their three children and husband Felix, Miriam welcomed a new member into her little family – albeit with a wink. Because the new addition is none other than the recently retired ski star Lucas Braathen.

Ski star Braathen announces a surprising end to his career – Neureuther reacts with a strange offer

As a reminder: The Norwegian announced the end of his career completely unexpectedly at the end of October, shortly before the start of the season – at just 23 years old. The technology specialist clashed with the Norwegian Ski Association in a dispute over marketing rights.

At his resignation press conference, the former ski shooting star said that he now felt free for the first time in years. Felix Neureuther immediately reacted with shock to Braathen’s resignation and made his former competitor a strange offer.

The new dream couple in the ski circus? Felix Neureuther and Lucas Braathen. © IMAGO / NTB / Ulrich Wagner

Braathen reacts to Felix Neureuther’s wedding proposal

The German ski legend wrote on Instagram under the Norwegian’s resignation post: “I can’t believe this. If it’s because of the association, I would marry you and then you can start for Germany. My wife would be completely okay with that.”

Braathen has now also responded to the strange offer. In a Q&A on Instagram, the 23-year-old was asked when the wedding would be ready. Braathen’s answer: “As you all noticed, Felix made a very generous proposal to me. I would be crazy not to say yes to such a loving man. We also got permission from his wife Miriam.”

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Neureuther regrets resigning from Braathen

Ms. Neureuther also responded immediately to Braathen’s response and reposted the video in her story. The former biathlete wrote: “Welcome to our crazy family.”

However, the whole thing can be seen as more of a joke and the slalom expert will of course not marry Felix Neureuther and compete for Germany in the future. Much to Felix’s chagrin, as he recently emphasized once more. (kk)

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