New Season, New Songs; When the new edition of Music Mojo arrives

2023-09-14 10:47:36

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KayIt has been 10 years since the music lovers of Ralam started following Mathrubhumi Kappa TV’s program Music Mojo. After a hiatus of six seasons, Music Mojo is back with Season 7. Season 7 has started with the best talent just like previous seasons. Arya Dayal, Sudeep Palanad, Dr. Bineeta Ranjith’s songs have already gained attention. This time, Music Mojo is presenting fifty brand new songs. Producer Sumeshlal is the one who can authentically explain the program Music Mojo. An interview with Sumeshlal on Music Mojo and its latest season.

Music Mojo Season 7 is here! He has been working as its producer for over ten years. What about the relationship with Kappa TV?

In 2013, Kappa collaborated with TV. The suggestion was to make a serialized program related to music. Kappa has put forward a program that gives maximum space to independent music and musicians. Channelhead’s policy was to provide opportunities for artists beyond the financial gain from the program. Kappa still follows that policy. After working for 17 years in the technical wing of a private channel, he comes to the music industry as a producer. It was through a program called Rosebowl. It was during this time that he became acquainted with artists working in the field of independent music. Music Mojo was the main show of Kappa channel. Starting a new program was a no-brainer because of the Rosebowl experience. Having connected with independent musicians like Avial Band, Job Kurien and Neha Nair through Rosebowl, it was not difficult to feature them on Music Mojo’s platform.

What magic does Music Mojo Season 7 have in store for fans?

Music Mojo had to be suspended for two years due to the corona virus, but our team is trying to make the seventh season even better. Kappa Originals will release around fifty songs in season 7. Unlike other seasons, cover versions including movie songs have been avoided this time. 50 new songs are coming this time through Music Mojo. Arya Dayal, Band Rasiga, Bineetha Ranjith Music Company, Srinath Nair Live, Amritham Gamaya, Aintinai, Janaki Eshwar ft. Varki and Friends, Siddharth Sudhi and Madhuvanthi Narayanan are coming as guests in the new season. Everyone collaborated as much as possible on new songs. These artists see Music Mojo as more than just a platform. Moreover they make sure to lend their maximum effort and talent to the music mojo. It’s been that way all season so far. Artists in many languages ​​have been featured through Music Mojo. Musicians from cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai came through Kappa’s platform for music lovers.

Kappa brought a platform called Music Mojo at a time when the independent music scene was not very popular in Kerala. How do you feel as a producer heading into the new season?

In the early days of Music Mojo, independent music was not a very popular field in Kerala. But the whole scene has changed. Perhaps the best independent music bands in South India are from Kerala. Independent music has a lot of fans among the new generation. Along with film songs, she also undertakes other albums. The music is the only focus, and long gone are the days when fans would notice the distinction between a movie song or an album song. The independent music scene has gained more acceptance. The development of social media has also attracted more audiences and listeners to independent music. Programs like Music Mojo have played a significant role in that. Still, the first seasons of Music Mojo have viewers on YouTube and elsewhere. Music Mojo has also managed to maintain repeat value on audio platforms like Spotify. That’s what makes being a producer for Music Mojo the most fun.

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What are the preparations for each season? How are artists responding to Music Mojo?

A lot of musical talent is coming to independent music. Independent music getting its own space along with film songs is encouraging musicians to venture into independent music as a career option. The first hurdle for Music Mojo is artist selection, not artist availability. After the selection of the musicians, they will be given three-four months time. In it, they used to set songs. They are thoroughly enjoying it. Being in the music industry, they strive to make each song the best it can be, so we get a great product. They are also satisfied and relishers. There was a hiatus after season 6 of Music Mojo due to covid. The shoot of season 7 was completed last November. Due to some technical issues, the streaming is delayed a bit. But it can be understood from the reaction of music lovers that there are people waiting for Music Mojo.

Music Mojo’s is an in-studio visualization, so why not think differently?

The visualization of the songs is done in the same way as the artist performs in the studio. I think we can enjoy the song more when we see the singer. For example, viewers are more active in stage shows including song festivals. And each instrument player can be focused. A song is a teamwork. Everyone behind it has their own importance. Better yet, we get to experience a version of each artist by focusing the camera on them as they play their instruments. Each song is a combined contribution of the singer and other artists. So it felt better to bring all the participants into the visual.

As a producer, how does Sumesh assess the musical journey of Music Mojo?

Music Mojo’s biggest success is the introduction of new and independent artists to music lovers. All the independent bands that collaborated with Music Mojo like Virus, Thaikudam Bridge, Amritham Gamaya have become well-known and loved by Malayalis. Along with new artists, playback singers also became part of Music Mojo. Time and again they have been enshrined in the hearts of music lovers with their cover versions of movie songs and their own compositions. That’s why musicians have never hesitated to collaborate with Music Mojo. They wholeheartedly enjoyed collaborating on Music Mojo. Attempts were made to involve new faces in each season, thus keeping the program fresh. That is perhaps the reason behind Music Mojo’s ten-year journey.

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