Neymar’s Off-Field Controversies: A Closer Look at his Relationship with Bruna Biancardi

2023-09-22 13:06:58

It doesn’t have a flag. Neymar does mischief on and off the field, without caring about the emotional health of the mother of his second child who is a few weeks away from being born, since a few hours ago a video went viral alongside two women, a situation that the influencer , Bruna Biancardi, is not willing to forgive and from Brazil has ‘hit’ the Al-Hilal player.

The Brazilian model, who is in the last month of pregnancy with the future daughter of the ‘green-yellow’ team player, used her Instagram account to send a message to the famous soccer player. “I am aware of everything and, again, very disappointed,” she shared with her thousands of followers, who supported her with deep comments.

The player has chosen to remain silent unlike other occasions where he sought to speak out on the matter, to avoid a misunderstanding with his partner. In the midst of this silence, the one who has made noise has been the influencer, giving ‘Like’ to loaded phrases from her followers against Brazil’s ’10’.

“If you are the father of a girl, or even if you are not yet, imagine your daughter at 18 years old, dating a boy like you, with your character and reputation, would you accept her boyfriend? If the answer is no, she begins to treat other people’s daughters the way you would like yours to be treated,” was the phrase that the model highlighted.

Bruna Biancardi is in Rio de Janeiro, surrounded by her family, waiting for the arrival of her daughter Mavie, who would be scheduled for October when Neymar arrives to play in the 2026 Qualifiers against Venezuela.

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Neymar and Bruna Biancardi: When did they meet?

The footballer and the model began their relationship in 2021, and have been involved in more than one scandal over Neymar.

In April of this year, Bruna announced her pregnancy with an emotional message: “We dream of your life, we plan your arrival and knowing that you are here to complete our love makes our days much happier. You will come to a beautiful family, with a brother, grandparents, aunts and aunts who already love you very much! Come soon son, we are waiting for you!”


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