“NFL’s European Tour 2021: Schedule, Teams, and Venues Revealed”

2023-05-10 14:23:55

Of its 544 regular season games, starting next September, the NFL will play five on European soil. These five posters were unveiled on Wednesday. Two matches will be held in Germany and three in England

The Kansas City Chiefs, reigning champions, and their superstar Patrick Mahomes will face the Miami Dolphins on November 5 at the Waldstadion in Frankfurt, where the Eintracht Frankfurt football team usually plays, including victors in the Europa League last year. . A week later, still at the Waldstadion, the New England Patriots will face the Indianapolis Colts.

The Buffalo Bills will play in London

The City of London will host the other three matches. The Atlanta Falcons will face the Jacksonville Jaguars on October 1 at Wembley, then Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will host matches between the Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills on the 8th, and between the Baltimore Ravens and the Tennessee Titans on the 15th.

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