Nightly storm called for 80 fire brigades in Upper Austria

2023-07-17 04:57:00

After there had already been severe storms throughout the country last Wednesday night, Upper Austria reached the next front around 10 p.m. on Sunday evening. Hail, storms and heavy rain caused considerable damage, especially in the central area. “A few communities were affected, but massively,” says Markus Voglhuber, press spokesman for the state fire brigade command.

These communities include above all Hofkirchen im Traunkreis, St. Marien and Niederneukirchen in the Linz-Land district, where numerous houses were damaged just before midnight on Sunday evening. In the early morning hours of Monday, communities in the Perg district were particularly affected by the storm, for example in Münzbach, Bad Kreuzen or Waldhausen im Strudengau.

In addition to the storms, the comrades in the Perg district were also alerted to two fire operations. At a farm in Pregarten, a wooden barn caught fire due to a lightning strike. In addition, a smoldering fire in Tragwein had to be extinguished – it is not yet known whether there is a connection with the thunderstorm. A total of 80 fire brigades with around 1,150 helpers were on duty during the night.

Photo gallery: Night-time storm called for 80 fire brigades

Nightly storm called for 80 fire brigades (Photo: TEAM FOTOKERSCHI / KERSCHBAUMMAYR (TEAM FOTOKERSCHI / KERSCHBAUMMAYR)) View picture 1/46 gallery

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